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4 packs?


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Right, so far ive lost 12 lbs on ws and started around 8 weks ago. I know when I stick to it 100% I have a good loss. Ive been off the plan since Saturday and its my birthday this weekend so wont get back on track properly until Monday. I know i cant hack TS, but am thinking of having a fourth bar rather than the evening meal, to stop me from overeating or having the odd naughty extra which is slowing down my weight loss. What do people think?? Any advise would be much appreciated
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S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah 4th pack I meant :) Im too scared to try just the 3 bars a day, split or not as I know I will fail. Whilst doing ws, Im fine during the day and stick to the 3 packs, and most evenings I stick to under 400cals for a meal but ive never got into ketosis as have still been having carbs, maybe I should carry on with ws but stick to food that keep me in ketosis? or some days do that, then other days have a 4th pack, aghhh i dont know.....
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tbh the hardest part is actually getting into ketosis. If you can just push yourself through the early hard work, the cravings will subside.

The first time I did exante (2 months ago) i was motivated and pushed through first 4-5 days. The next 1.5 months were much easier. It got to the stage I just couldn't be bothered to even have all 3 shakes and had to make myself. The hunger and urge to eat really does just go. BUT... since i had a cpl of weeks break i have tried to get back onto TS 5 times or more in last 8 days... HARD WORK. But.. it's work that's worth it because once you're in that Ketosis zone you can lose as much weight as you want and its easy.

So my advice would be find a time when you know you have nothing planned party wise etc for at least 4 weeks and just go for the TS. Distract yourself in the first 4 days however you can, go out more, work late, whatever it takes. It's worth it when you're in - end of week 1 - into week 2 - and you find you are in total control. Of course still fancy food now and again but you can easily dismiss those urges because you're in ketosis.

I would love for you to experience ketosis so you know what it's like. But of course, whatever way you lose your weight that's the right way to do it, this is just my thoughts :)

And you have 1.5 stone to lose so you will lose that with your commitment, whichever path you choose i'm sure.

hey i've lost 2 stone but need to get rid of another 4 and finding it really hard to back into it!! i had a birthday (2) too and once you give into cravings you cant say no...you've just got to think about how you felt when you started.....in 4 months i'll be 6 times better than before xxx


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I think going up to the 4th pack when you need it / want it will work fine. I'm sure in one of the iterations of the booklet it mentioned it too. It's a bit like half way to WS, but with the safety of it still being packs - try it Lozoo, and hopefully it will the extra little bit you need. Have you also tried having bouillon, sometimes that can help you feel a bit better too.
Good luck


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S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks so much everyone, my birthday celebrations are over now, and today I am going to get rid of the few goodies that are left and am determined to start afresh on TS tomorrow. I feel in the right frame of mind now. It's so difficult to find 4 weeks where I have nothing on, BUT im in the zone to be able to meet the girls and sip a sparkling water whilst they eat! Im going to Australia end of June and wld love to get rid of a stone and a half by then. Thank you for your encouragement, wil keep you posted how I get on x

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