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40 carbs per day, will it work?

Hi folks, joined yesterday and still can't find my way around!!! Just wan't to say has anyone read the book The New High Protein Diet by Dr Charles Clark & Maureen Clark. He is saying the induction stage of Atkins is too severe, and you can loose weight as long as you stay under 60carbs per day..he does recomened 40 carbs if you want a quicker weight loss. Just wondering what other people think of this? Hope you are having a good carb day, will be joining you all this Wednesday :)
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Atkins is not a high protein diet. It is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb plan. Good nut oils, fish oils (for non-vegetarians), naturally-occurring flax seed oil, etc, plus cheese, butter, cream. Not just the saturated fat in meat.

There is nothing to stop you starting your low carb plan on 40g carbs if that is what you want to do. You can go high protein too, if you like, but you won't be doing Atkins.

VLCDs such as CD and LL are set at around 60g carbs daily BUT they lead to ketosis because the daily calorie intake is so low. You may not get into ketosis on 40g carbs daily. Then again, you may be just fine.

Good luck!
Hmm, well I'm on between 45 and 55 carbs a day now and I'm not losing Wendy..
you might need less calories to lose at 40g but you may find yourself eating less calories anyway as high protein is more satisfying than lots of carbs
Thanks both, will do Atkins then...can you please tell me how you "thank" people on here, and which is the best place to go if you want to chat about ups and downs of daily life whilst on Atkins. Few years ago I joined Spark people, we had a welsh thread with about 15 members and most nights would log on and chat about our day. I found it very helpful as I don't get a lot of support at home, like I say am still finding my way around, so would be very grateful if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you xx
Hi Wendy, You can use the thanks button at the bottom right hand of a post love.

I'm not on in the evening or weekend so I can't help you with that one love.
Hi Wendy - you have to wait until you have a number of posts until you thank - i cant remember ahow many.
This is THE best place to chat about ups and downs on atkins. Its the first thing i log into whe i get to work (oops). Theres not so many on line on an evening i dont think though!
I think you mean a chat room? Where members can talk in real time? I don't think there is one here. Sorry not to know for sure!

Good luck with Atkins, I honestly think you will love it.
Wow, Thanks everyone for your posts.....I don't really wan't a chat room, this sort of thing is fine..just wondered if there is a thread on this site where people chat about their diets and everyday life (I supose i mean something like face book)but this is lovely, everyone is so nice. Thank's :)
Hi Wendy!

Good luck with it. I'm usually around quite a bit and need all the support I can get. I really ought to come on when I'm feeling stressed and feel the need to eat sugar as it can be tough resisting!
Im on facebook but not on much on a night :D
Wonder if we could set up a group on there?

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