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4th day on Lipotrim

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4th day on Lipotrim and keep thinkin when i'm bored or sad "hmm i'll watch tv with a nice piece of....." then have to stop myself and then get so depressed with thinkin how long i have got! People keep saying go and exercise to stop you thinkin about it but those suggestions just make me wanna scream when i'm already feeling so tired!
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Hi Bottled water,

Love the username:)

I have moved your post to a new thread so that others will see it and give you some of their tips to help you on this diet which is a very tough diet.

The first week is very hard and it is natural to feel tired and bored but hopefully as time goes by you will feel your energy rise and as the weight loss comes off it will help to keep you motivated.

The first thing is that it is overwhelming to think of how much weight you have to lose and how long it is going to take.

It is best to set yourself mini goals which are achievable and then reward yourself with a little gift which could be anything from a favourite magazine to a new lipstick.

This is also a good time to take before and after photos and your body measurements as the weight does come off very quickly on a diet like this and it will help keep you on track as you look back over your progress.

Another thing I have found useful is to make a mood board and on it put all the clothes cut out from magazines that I want to wear, pictures of places I would like to go and people who I would aspire to look like etc.

Relaxing in a nice bath can help you to unwind and going to bed early with a good book will help keep you out of the fridge.

Pamper yourself and when you feel like exercising start slowly and not over do it...simple things like stretches and walking work wonders.


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Hi BW!!

Mini has given you great advice, ideas and suggestions. All I'm going to add is that you only have 3 days left to your weigh in - when you see what you've achieved you will be full of enthusiasm and won't feel the way you do now - you'll feel great. Then of course the way to keep feeling that way is to do the same again for another week etc etc.
Good Luck with your journey. :) xx

(Great new sub-forum too Mini!) xx


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Not much more i can add to mini's and Jans post so just keep at it and only 3 more sleeps untill you see an amazing loss on them scales! :D
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mini goals are fab. i set 3 and all 3 iv completed so on wednesday im having my nails dun:) then when i loose my next stone im having my hair dun then 4th stone those boots iv wanted since like forever but were 2 small for my calfs, little rewards keep you going and make u feel very proud of yourself in the long run what is a few months out of ur life in the grand scale of things


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hi hun ive just restarted at around the same weight as you and tbh the first time round i failled cos i obsessed and thought about food non-stop, right now im on day one but everytime i think of food i have a glass of water or find something to do to distract me, i know i can do it and my first week was a huge 14lb weight loss so im just setting mini goals of 10lb and getting a treat then such as hair done etc like he others have said, at least i can look forward to doing something other than eat..
sorry ive not been much help but its so worth it whe n the lbs come off!
nic x


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the best advice is the bath advice.... i have never been so clean!! Get yourself a good book or a few mags and relax!!
Like the others say, as soon as you see your first weight-loss you will be so motivated.

For me the thoughts of food never totally disappear, but when you have goals you can manage them so much better.

good luck, let us know how your first week goes x
Hey guys!

I am new to this! I am only on day 3 and its OK really, the only time I find it hard is in the evenings :D don't drink my first shake till dinner time then have my second between dinner and t and the have a soup for t and that's working great for me as its between 1 and 8 I get the hungriest :D I am 5 foot 10 and I weighed 12 stone 6 when I started I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 12 stone flat hehe! :D I ideally would like to weigh 10 stone or there about's. I am plaining to only do the complete lipotrim feed for a week and then go on the maintenance for a few weeks and have a shake and a soup and a main meal a day which I believe I will still lose weight on :D when does your body start losing fat not just water?
Thanks guys


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hey hun welcome to the site!! :)

sorry u feelin abit blah an tired, i got this but it does fade an its nufin compared to the tiredness i felt coz of eatin rubbish food. :rolleyes::p;)

first off well done 4 makin this big decision 2 start tfr. its a hard diet at the start but omg sooo worth it. :D

now dont think of this diet in the long term or if u like me u will panic but take it day by day then week by week. im on week 6 now an never thought i wud last this long but im 29lb down an still rarin 2 go!!! ;):D

just like mini an the others sed av sum realistic mini goals to aim 4 an also sum distractions eg the bubble bath!! :8855:

think of all the spare time u av an think that this is a great opportunity 2 do all those things u wnted 2 do but were 2 busy eatin (im gettin loads done even silly things like straightenin my hair :D)

try not 2 feel 2 angry hun. think of this diet as a short time in ur life where u can re-evaluate how u see/think about food an learn new ways 2 cope wivout food bein the answer.

good luck hun. :)



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Hi all , i ave jus started TFR an i am on the end of my 2nd day, so far so good, feel hungry, but thats nothin new i feel hungry even when i woz eatin food. I am gona have a look around this site an see if anyone has any food ideas for re-feed as i like 2 b prepared. I can only do TRF for 3 weeks an 2 weeks later am off to Munich for the Oktoberfest ( beerfestival) so i thought it best to stop TFR 2 weeks before i go. Any helpful hints would be much apprecited. Thanx all...And keep up the good work :) Jodie xxx


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hi medea81

hi im at the end of day 4 and today has been so much easier than the last 3 days so keep it up
I am on day 3 and feel sooo hungry...
Btw how do you do the tickerfactory.com weight loss tracker thing?
Would really like to eat something nice, in the meantime it's water for me!

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