5/11/11 - 26/3/12 Diary

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  1. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Just back from the pharmacist with my bag of goodies costing a crazy £45 that's more than I spend in a month on shopping! I'm not allowed to start today because I had breakfast, so I was advised to start tomorrow.

    I am prepared: I bought 2x1.5litres of water and hope to drink them both each day if not more! I wanted to find a cup thing to make my shakes in, but couldn't find any. I got mostly strawberry, chocolate, some
    Vanilla and some soup's. Have to try everything at least once eh?

    However, my house is full of many tempting things so I am considering just chucking them in the bin, but it is such a waste! Maybe I will keep them for guests!

    I want to lose 4stone. I currently weigh 14st 8lbs - that is the heaviest I have ever been and hope to ever be in my life. I find it hard to get clothes and my OH told me I'm not as attractive as I once was. Either I'm too big now, or my OH is just used to looking at me lol!

    I am off work for the next two days and so I hope to get through the worst of it before having to deal with people.

    I know it's going to be a hard journey, but hopefully it will get easier. I will try to update this diary every day at some point.

    I hope to be celebrating some fabulous loses with you guys. Here goes......

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  3. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    Well done taking the first step. I started about 9 weeks ago at 214lb and today I'm 175lb. So nearly 3 stone gone. First few days is a bit grim so lots of water and paracetamol of you get headaches. Get through the first few days and into ketosis and I promise you you will feel great. I still wanted to eat but realised I wasn't hungry, it was habit. So don't give in, just take a step back and work out what it is you're actually feeling. Read, do nails, loads of baths, housework, anything you can to distract yourself and you will do just fine. The very best of luck.
  4. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Am I allowed paracetemol? What about heartburn tablets?

    I works part time doing deliveries for a pizza place. Luckily not working there sun,mon,tues or wed. So hopefully will be ok :)

    Thanks for the luck wishes :)

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  5. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Breakfast. Here we go :)

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  6. catlackey

    catlackey Full Member

    Good luck :) once you get into it . It's okay you don't feel hungry if you drink lots of water .reading all the success of people on here is a great help too :):) x

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  7. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    You can do it!!! Get them first few days under your belt!!! Lots of water and lots of rest!!!

    (If i was you!!! I'd bin the goodies!!! Or give them to family or something!!!!!)
  8. brochmor

    brochmor food is not my friend!

    I want to lose 4 stone also! I weighed 14 st 7 lbs when i started 20 days ago and at my last weigh in on thursday I was 13 stone 9. So stick with it the weight will drop off and you will show your OH the real meaning of attractive i'm sure ;) xxx
  9. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Ok, day 1 is just about over.

    Strawberry - breakfast
    Chocolate - lunch
    Vanilla - dinner

    I didn't feel hungry all day at all. I just wanted to eat for the sake of it. Then again I never really did feel hungry I just love food!

    I've drank almost 3litres of water and two cups of tea. Need to get more water in me I think! Will do my best.

    I've never used the bathroom so much in all my life! Hehe.

    Wonder how tomorrow will go? Might mix it up and have chocolate for breakfast :) xo

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  10. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Lol... Glad you had a good day!!! Check out this thread hun...


    If you need a bit of variety!!!

    Well done though..... get yourself through the next couple of days and you will be flying!!! ALl those nice foods you like will still be there in a few weeks/months!!!

    : ) xxx
  11. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Good morning.

    I feel a little bit hungry today, which I never usually feel. I mean on a normal day or week I don't feel hungry. Lol

    Think I will start with some hot chocolate fr breakfast! :)

    Is it strange but my tummy feels a bit less bloated/fat this morning. Maybe just my imagination!

    Anyhow- on to day 2 :)

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  12. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I thhink u instantly start feeling less bloated so that probably what u can feel... Feels good doesn't it??? X
  13. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Feels good indeed.

    Totm just came :( oh noes!! Gonna be a hard week

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  14. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    At least your getting it out of the way now though!!! Keep strong hunni!! x
  15. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Keep up the good work honey :) ... TOTM sucks but if you can get through that your on the right track :) x x x
  16. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Day two:

    Strawberry shake, chocolate shake and chicken soup.

    The chicken soup was gorgeous, til about the last three mouthfuls and I struggled with it!

    Struggling to drink that much water, think I managed about 2litres today. I don't usually drink much on a normal day anyhow.

    My biggest challenge is work tomorrow, my proper work. No phone for support, no quick bathroom breaks (tmi: runny bum today) lol.

    I felt hungry this evening so I had a nice cup of tea :) managed also to resist when I made my OH beans and toast for dinner and I had soup! Lol

    Hope day 3 is not as bad for me as a lot of people tend to find it!


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  17. tigger22

    tigger22 Silver Member

    Keeping busy is my vice at the moment , today is my 5th day and I feel lots better , only down side is all the peeing . Hoping for a good weight loss on Thursday , fingers crossed , I also made a list of why I wanted to loose weight which in a way keeps me focused, that said I did put a crisp in my mouth yesterday and spat it out , keep up the good work it will be worth it in the end. X
  18. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Do try to up the water if u can hun.... its really important!!! But well done on a successfull day!!! : ) x
  19. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    Just on my way in to work. Was hard to get that vanilla shake down but I'm not used to 'eating' so early.

    This will be a test!!!

    :) have a good day everyone xx

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  20. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Could you get a small hand blender and then have it when you get to work??? Well done for having it as it helps to have all 3 ...Good luck honey x x x
  21. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Good luck chick x

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