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5 stones lost--keep falling off the wagon!


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Hi everyone!

I need some help! Having lost five stones over the last 6 months, I fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago--and now I'm having terrible trouble climbing back on. I can sole source for 2 days--seemingly quite happily, then on day 3 find myself bingeing! Yikes! I thought I was over that. I thought my stomach had shrunk--but apparently not! :break_diet:

I'm determined to try and beat this though. I've gone from being a size 24 to being a size 14-16 and I'm terrified if I carry on like this I'm going to put all the weight back on!

Anyone got some words of wisdom? Anyone been where I am now and cracked it? I'd like to lose another stone, ideally two. So I was looking for a pep talk/advice/kick up the rear, whatever you'd like to give me that you think might work to get my head back to where it should be!

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I've read other posts like this and the advice seems to be to try SS+ where you have 3 sachets and a 200cal meal - as in aam week. This means your still getting food so harder to cheat, if you know what i mean.
I'm sure a CDC will help you with an answer tomorrow.


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SS+ seems like a good idea! I've been having the same problem as you and my CDC recommends alternating between SS and SS+ so if you can SS for a couple of days then do so, then on the 3rd day, do SS+, ok so it's a small meal but it might stave of the need to binge!!


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Thanks for all the advice so far. I knew folks here would know what to do! I haven't visited the site in a while--I'd forgotten how great the support was!

The AAM thing might work--if I could stop! Cos that's the problem. I start off eating chicken. I'll eat one chicken breast, then decide the other chicken breast looks lonely in the packet and eat that too--then decide that actually, it wouldn't hurt if I ate that cottage cheese as well... And boom, catastrophe, I'm troughing my way through the contents of the fridge. It doesn't help, I guess, that I'm currently in the middle of exam revision :(

Anyway, I've decided to go back to first principles. My water drinking habits have been less than great just lately so I'm going to try and up the amounts again. And today, I have promised myself that nothing other than my CD shakes, water and black coffee is going anywhere near my mouth!

One day at a time, right? I'm off on holiday to Cornwall on 30 May--that ought to be enough to get me motivated in itself. It'd be fantastic to have lost another stone by then. It's five weeks away today--I should be able to do it, shouldn't I? :)

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