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7 Day Personal SS'ing Challenge - I'm Struggling

As some of you know, those that read the daily threads, I've really struggled to SS this week - the picking has started and I need to pull in the reins and not let it get out of control.

I've had 2lb weighlosses for the last 2 weeks which I'm not over the moon about and I'm due to get weighed tonight which I'm not looking forward to.. I'll be lucky to have maintained after the way I've been this week... :(

I'm a 3rd time CD re-starter and the first VLCD I ever did was LL in 2004. The lowest weight I've gotten to doing VLCD is around 12st 9lb but have yo-yo'd of late partly due to stress and depression through work (my old job).

This time round, I weighed in at the beginning at 15st 4lb and I'm currently 13st 8lb so haven't done too bad but all the good intentions have gone out the window. I've temporarily forgotten why I started this again and I really don't know why...

I've a very important date fast approaching - 12th October which is just under 4 weeks away and I need to organise a shopping trip to Bluewater to pick something special for the big night. One of the main reasons why I started this is just around the corner and I'm off with the fairies...

WHY.... :cry:

Anyway, I saw a fellow CDer do this thread a few weeks ago to help her get her head back in that all important place so I thought I'd start a similar thread for me and anyone else who feels they need to get focused.

I'll still be visiting all the other threads - particularly the Daily Thread which really was my saviour during the first few weeks... but need this to focus on my daily activities and somewhere to post when I'm feeling under pressure from the horrible chatterboxes....

Here's hoping for a good week...

H x
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Can I join you Hannah. THis really worked for me the other week and I lost 5lb so I need to have another good week.

I didnt know this was your 3rd VLCD. 3rd time lucky as the saying goes. You can do it Hannah. You have to do it. You need to look fabulous for your big night so that you can live your dream and make MF your main job.

If we have 7 good days we can easily lose 4 or 5lb this week. Lets do it.
Good luck Hannah. You CAN get your head back in the right place I am sure. Maybe try to picture yourself on your opening night in the outfit you would like to be wearing and keep that in your head when you're tempted to pick.

I too have something coming up soon which I want to look good for, keeping that thought in my head stops me nibbling (well so far anyway!)

It's only been a week since restart so I must not get too complacent because I know what happened last time! I did a barbecue for 20 people and stupidly thought I'd be able to resist. How wrong was I! lol. That was back in July.

Another thing I am doing is a "clothes fund." Everytime I seriously think about nibbling, when I resist it I put £1 in my clothes fund jar in the kitchen! Sounds a bit silly but it's helping me. So, going by the amount of times I am tempted to nibble, I'm going to have one hell of a big clothes fund to spend when I'm slimmer! Yay! You could do one for your outfit for Mother Funkers launch!

Good luck for today :) We CAN do this.
Hi Mrs Roch

Can i join you too? I have had terrible weekend and really need to get motivated again. Im going to SA to see the family in 3 weeks and i really need to get my head sorted. Im feeling it with you x
Everyone is more than welcome.... so pleased that you're joining me as I'm going to really need the support...

MochaJ - I'm definitely going to do the clothes fund that starting from tonight... brilliant idea...

This really has got to be a good week if I'm going to be 13st by 12th October...



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Mrs Roch
I might join you too if thats ok?
This is the start of my 3rd week and Im miserable today. cant stop thinking about food. Im so tempted to just go and get really bold food :D I think I need someone here to slap my wrists!
Sam you're doing well with the water today. :)

I've just done half a tetra pack with hot water as I'm cold as well...

I've glugged just under 1L of water but just grabbed another 1.5L and prepared a jug with summer berry..

Early days but really hoping this thread will keep me positive.

H x


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.93%)
wannaloose8stone...what a bullion?
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
wannaloose8stone...what a bullion?
its a savoury drink. not officially allowed on CD but it is virtually the same as a savoury drink sold by CDC's but cheaper! Its called marigold and is just a hot vegetable flavoured liquid. its quite salty, and so you shouldnt have more than one or two a day as it could cause water retention. You'll find it in the supermarket next to the oxo cubes. Its been a life saver for me at times on this diet.

Come on Hannah, get glugging on that water. You can then do another jug to bring you up to 4 litres. That should really get the lb's shifting.


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.93%)
Sorry! I posted this message on the wrong thread.

As much as I am trying to ignore it my chatterbox is getting louder and louder :( I dont think ive struggled on CD as much as I have today. How can I shut my chatterbox up?

Im thinking of all the most lovely food and am so sorely tempted but I have stopped myself a few times today. its ME who wants to be slim so why cant I shut them up??

Ive eaten the head off my mother for no real reason and I think I could cry at any minute :wave_cry:
Laney - in principle this diet is so simple but remember it's going against everything we've been taught in life - one of the key elements of survival is eating and we've had a lifetime of it... our mum's spent ages making sure we did it and could do it ourselves...!!

At times it's incredibly hard emotionally and physically as we've habits that we're trying to break..

I'm finding it difficult at the moment, hence this thread but keep with us this week and see if it makes a difference - I'm hoping it does to me..

H x
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
finished 4 litres now. Still not got round to having my soup. Will have it in a bit now when the kids have their tea. The water has gone down very easily today and its amazing Ive not felt hungry at all. I might even pop to the gym tonight - depends what time hubby gets home.
Hi Sam

You're doing great today girlie... well done on the 4Ls

I've done over 2.5L and had 2 Tetras.

Will have to invest in this Bouillion drink...

Am stopping drinking now until after I get weighed....

Whatever the result, I'll have to keep in mind this new thread and how it's going to keep me going over the next 7 days.

How's everyone else?

H x
Not chuffed... 2lb on :cry:

I know I've picked but I was bit surprised at the gain - I wish I'd eaten a flipping takeaway now..! not really :D

Anyway, like you Sam, this thread has been great for me today. I'm just doing DS's dinner and going to do myself a hot water with S/Berry and might jump in the bath so I'm not around. Thankfully we live in a bungalow so me popping to the bathroom while he's eating isn't a problem...

I'm now a devastating 13st 10.5lb but I'm still aiming to be under 13st by 12th October (just under 4 weeks). I'm hoping with the gain tonight that if I'm super good this week I could lose 5lb-6lb (maybe bit optimistic but I'm just trying to think positive after tonight)...what do you guys think?

Anyway, hope everyone else ok. I bought a couple of packs of the Chocolate/Orange as my CDC said it's really nice as a mousse so might put in the effort and make-up pack tonight - I've got bit lazy with Tetras..

Sam, sounds like you've had a great day..

So pleased you're with me on this - the support is fab! :)

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