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7 Day SS'ing Challenge - EPISODE III

Mrs Roch

Silver Member

So here it is, as promised, Episode III and boy do I need this one this week...

These posts have been fantastic to keep me on the straight and narrow and after my "shabby" WI last night, I need this more than ever to keep me focused for 12th October... By the way, just an update, I jumped again on the scales this morning and they read 12st 12lb so I'm sort of ignoring last night..

You guys who've been with me on Episode I and II have been fab and your support has been invaluable - you've done it for me as far as I'm concerned, not me...! Hope you're still with me.. :)

Come on girls - let's get our heads in that special place and let the diet do it's work...

H x
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OMG are we episode 3 already?? Where has the time gone?? I really really need help this week. Dont know if youve seen my post on the last thread??

One word.....SCARY!!!
Hi Hannah

Wow - your launch is coming round really quickly! Good luck with episode III ! I am flagging a little after my birthday celebrations but trying to get that motivation up and running again!:)

I just had a bite of a mini poppadom that the kids were having and now I have this STUPID idea in my head about getting an indian take away tonight. I don't only have the idea, I'm almost drooling at the thought of it. I love spicy food and unfortunately Oriental chilli soup just doesn't appeal at the moment, I want proper food :(

I'm posting here in the slim chance that it stops me. Anything is worth a try. I'm so silly because I'm actually sitting here convincing myself that it's a GOOD idea to have it and that it won't do me any harm. I'm even choosing in my head what I will have! Chicken tikka and green salad. That probably wouldn't actually do huge damage but it's what happens AFTER that which would, knowing me.

I'm worried that because I feel like this right now, even if I get past this bit, how the hell am I going to manage next week when I'm in Greece on holiday. All that Greek food I was looking forward to before I started the diet.

Why on earth am I now telling myself I can eat tonight and then also eat on holiday and just start again on CD when I come back? It's the wrong attitude and I don't like it. If I go through with this thought and do both those things, I know I will probably be a stone heavier when I get back on the 16th. Even knowing THAT doesn't feel enough to stop me at the moment.

I need a big slap.



Silver Member
Don't do it Mocha! The takeaway may taste good but nothing will feel as good as the result that you will get next week when you step on those scales! I know its not quite a chicken bhuna but cn you not add a teaspoon of curry powder to a soup (veg + curry = vegetable curry?) and try and make that do? You could also make some oriental chilli crisps that could become your poppadoms? I'm probably clutching at straws but We must be strong!

Hannah can I join you this week? Its my second week and despite losing it majorly over the weekend I still lost 10lbs last week. I'm just annoyed cos I know that if I would have stuck to ssing totally it would have been so much better.
Mochaj I can totally relate. Thats the way Ive been the past few days. But chika is right ... its not worth it. Itll probably taste lovely but I slipped at the weekend and my tummy was so sick and bloated afterwards. You might enjoy the taste but the guilt and the general yukky feeling in your belly is sooo not worth it.

As a fellow scales hopped think how your going to feel tomorrow or thursday when you step on the scales and it says your 3 lbs up all from that one moment of madness....trust me its NOT worth it at all....the self loathing tastes rotten.....SO

Step away from the food...go and get yourself a can of coke zero or something that feels a bit of a treat. Run yourself a nice long bath or go for a walk and clear the chatterboxes out of your head :)

Mrs Roch

Silver Member

What are you doing....

All that baking you've done over the last few days and you've resisted - you can resist food tonight...

Do something to occupy yourself, go on the Arcade here, paint your nails or toenails, tidy out your underwear draw... anything but please, please, please don't order that Indian...

Please stick with me this week, I need you to be strong...

If you need to, set yourself a treat for when you get to Greece or when you get to the airport and all that duty free...


You'll have plenty of healthy options when you're in Greece, there's no way you need to put on a stone by the time you get back... their food is beautiful, fresh and healthy....




Hannah can I join you this week? Its my second week and despite losing it majorly over the weekend I still lost 10lbs last week. I'm just annoyed cos I know that if I would have stuck to ssing totally it would have been so much better.

Fab WI result - 10lbs...

Welcome aboard... :D

Here's wishing you a successful 7 days...

H x
Good luck..Hannah, you can and will do this.

Not long to the big day now is it? Hope all goes well for you.
Thanks Hedgemag

Launch is on Friday, 12th October (so less than 2 weeks). Getting bit nervous now - big responsibility, all these women paying to come to a night I've organised...!!!

I'll be screaming for HELP next week, I'm sure.

H x

Im so with you this week Hannah. I need to get my arse back into gear and am switching to a new CDC next tuesday after I have used up my existing packs.

lets go for it.

I'm really glad you're back with me and focused...

We're going to do good this week sweetie...

H x
Hi Hannah,

Hope you don't mind if i join you this week...

I've been maintaining my weight since March was doing great ... than the summer hols came along and i gained about 12lbs... Just cant get motivated to get rid of it... I will be 790 ing... but i promise not to mention my evening meal!

Just need support from you guys... you seem to be doing so great!!!

MOCHAJ... definately not worth it hun... it becomes a slippery slide from there.l... Just keep going and than you'll enjoy your hol better... you can eat healthily in Greece i'm sure if you 790 on your hols you would still have a loss to come back to!! How fantastic would that be!!... Whereabouts you going there???

Nas x
Mocha - please dont eat. trust me, its so not worth it. As someone else said, how will you feel when you get on the scales tomorrow and have gained 3lb from one meal, will you be strong enough to start again, or will you be like me and think oh well Ive blown it now and just eat more.

Please please please dont eat. Its soo not worth it.
Thank you thank you thank you!

I didn't get the indian takeaway. Naan bread added itself to my list of things I must have NOW. So then I knew it was time to stop that thought.

Reading what you all said made me feel more positive. You are all right! I' dbe better having a soup with curry powder like you suggested chika. (I'll have to try that sometime!)

Laney "The self loathing tastes so rotten" What a good line! That made me stop and think. Thank you. I took your advice and went and had a long bath. While I was in there I thought "Do I REALLY want to ruin it all just because I fancy a curry" (and it would ruin it for me because I wouldn't have stopped there!") I decided no, I don't NEED it. I just wanted it. There's lots of things I want but can't have and it doesn't kill me not to have them!!

Hannah, I'm taking your advice too. I'm going to treat myself in the duty free and buy some ridiculously extravagant perfume if I don't pig out on a curry this week. I used to love buying perfume but stopped when I had my kids because I prefer spending my money on clothes etc for them. So I will buy that just for me if I behave myself until I go:D

Nas - Thank you, the words "slippery slide" just sum up how it would be for me. Once I started with a curry it would be downhill from there, I know what I am like! In answer to your question I'm going to Corfu and can't wait!

Sam - I know it's been tough for you for a few days with CD, so what you said made me think. I would find it very hard to get back on the wagon, so it's not worth it.

I know I sound more positive but I've not totally behaved myself. The others ended up getting a chinese and I nibbled a bit. I had 3 chips and about tablespoon of beansprouts. Hopefully that won't kick me out of ketosis but I am well aware it might. I will test in the morning and see. I'm not beating myself up about that though because it's way better than a full blown curry & naan.

Anyway if I am out of Ketosis I'm NOT going to let it put me off. SS 100% tomorrow and I will soon be back in?

I hope everyone is having a good evening and thanks SO much for taking the time to reply to my post. It really does help doesn't it when you are having a wobbly moment on this diet and people offer you support :)

I love minimins!

Off to glug glug glug the water now. I'm 4 litres down today and will definitely manage another 1 before bed, maybe a bit more!


Silver Member
Well done Mochaj you have brilliant self control! I wish I could just nibble but Iif I started i couldn't stop.

Well I've managed two days 100% but I dont think I'm in ketosis and I'm soooo hungry. My housemates are downstairs eating chips with cheese and chicken nuggetts. I dont even normally like these but I want one so much - I never thought I would see the day but my mouth is actually watering.

Its sometimes such a hard choice between eating and the journy to the size 12 me!
Hi chika

I don't have very good self control to be honest! If I did I wouldn't need to be on the diet. My willpower is almost non existent usually. This shows when I tell you I've been a smoker for too many years and only managed to stop for each of my pregnancies then started again. I'll be dealing with that after I deal with my weight. For me it would be madness to work on both at once. If I do manage to deal with the weight though then I WILL stop smoking because I can!

The only reason I managed to stop going for that curry was because of the ideas you all posted on here!

I agree it is a hard journey to size 12. Good luck to you & to all of us!

:bliss::party0038: :bliss:

YAY for Mochaj!!!

Good on you for not giving in. Im so proud of you. A nibble is nothing compared to what you were thinking of!! I bet you feel so much better now. I hope you enjoyed the bath with loads of bubbles...just think of the huge bottle of perfume your gonna get!

I had a great day! I forgot my shakes as I said but I had 2 litres of water and 3 cups of tea in work. I got home about 7pm and made my 790 meal of chicken, brocolli and mushroom stir fry. Im just after finishing my tetra and now Im nibbling away at my cranberry bar. Glugging away at my 3rd litre of water now with a bit of strawberry in it.

Hows everyone else doing?

Chicka well done on getting to day 2!
Sam how are you holding up??
Hannah did you decide on an outfit for your launch?
MOCHAJ well done... and i have to say looking at your ticker your more than half the way through your journey... so it's a downhill ride from here to that size 12!!! Just think what a fantastic Christmas your going to have!!!

My day has gone ok... need to drink another L of water.... did eat at T time but that was planned, enough said!!! :)

will prolly wizz on again b4 bed!
Well done for resisting temptation Mocha :clap:It just shows what you and all of us can do when we put our minds to it!

Excellent weight loss Chika. I had my first weigh in today and the scales showed 3lb loss!!!!! I was mortified - my scales indicated 8lb lost, so even fully clothed it shouldn't have made that much difference.

I insisted on a recount and moved the scales along the floor a bit, and my loss was 5 3/4 lb. I'm quite happy with that, especially as it is my TOTM, but a bit worried that my CDC's scales are not very accurate - they already weigh me at over 8lb more than mine at home do, and I don't really know whether to rely on her figures or my own.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? And what did you do?

p.s. I don't know how to alter my ticker, and even if I did, I wouldn't know whether to put her weight loss or my own!

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