790 - can I have sk milk?

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    I've been naughty and got my CD sachets off internet, so I don't have all info you'd get from counsellor. I've done Lighter life before but found counselling a total waste of time so decided to try CD as more flavours and cheaper. I don't think I can do SS again but I feel that I could happily do 790, so I have all info I need on what I can eat except I've seen people mention LF plain yoghurt or skimmed milk? What is the allowance of this for the 790 plan?

    Many Thanks!
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    Half a pint of skimmed milk or you can replace it with the equivalent in fat-free yoghurt, which is what I do.

    You would need to check on the equivalent calories in both.

    I usually only add a tablespoon or two to a Quorn dish to make a sauce, so I don't use the full allowance of that either!

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    do u not think shakes are dearer on internet
  5. mommysue

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    they are more expensive on the net . i bought some lighterlife ones cost me £80 for a week. resold them on ebay which is where i bought them and got myself a cdc, doing it properly

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