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7lbs on in 3 days!

How on earth can I come off LL for 3 days whilst away to friends and put on 7 lbs? I know I drank loads of wine and ate loads of cheese but that's unreal. I am well annoyed with myself. Back to abstinence today until my ski trip on saturday. I should have made the 2 St mark but instead I'm right back to only a stone. Note to self- must do better on my return from switzerland. ;-)
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Tough But Sexy X
Hey, sorry to hear about your gain, but the good news is you have recognised you need to go back to abstinence xx

Chin up xxx
Think about it - you probably lost that much in the first 3 days - its just your glycogen going back on, not fat.
good luck with getting back into ketosis
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
It's just water weight, so don't worry too much. It's distressing to see the scales jump up so high - but it's merely your 'energy' stores in your muscle and cell tissue 'stocking up'.
Remember - 3,500 calories OVER your DAILY LIMIT (of a normal 1500-1700 calories) would equal 1lb of FAT. Realistically did you overeat that much? I somehow doubt it. ;)
Just be careful, on LL your metabolism will have slowed down a little, so it is in fact easier to put on weight... Either way, if you go back on packs you'll lose that 7lb within 3-5 days again. ;)


...we're sinking deeper.
Just a note of caution... I can easily eat an excess of 3500+ calories in a day, and keep it up over several days. So it can happen :)
Eating an excess will wreak havoc o_O I thought I said this...
Plus it's a total of a longer period of time... A person overeating their own personal daily limit by even small amounts, will still gain weight over the longer period of time...

Meh... I know what you mean though.. those black days when nothing else matters... weird how it creeps up.


...we're sinking deeper.
Agreed :)
Just finding the will and the strength to claw out of the dark hole you've dug yourself, becomes harder and harder the deeper you go. Every step in the right direction feels so worthless and slippery.

Oh well.. the only way is up, right?
Ok Weevikki, you want me to make you feel better?

Got weighed last night after 2 weeks of proper meltdown... i gained 1 stone and 12 lbs (26lbs total) in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could tell by my LC's face that it was a new record!!

So be happy you nipped it in the bud at a mere 7lbs :)

Hauling my big fat bum back onto the wagon today :) I'm hoping you're all right and it's partly water, not 26lbs of fat :)

Oh alicethecamel. You made me feel better but I feel awful for you! You must have been so upset. I think definitely it won't be all fat. I do wonder sometimes with LL that you are setting yourself up to fail in the long run. In normal life without LL there is no way that you or I would put that weight on in 2 weeks by overeating. I go on holiday for 2 weeks every summer and eat and drink to my hearts content. I put on quite a lot of weight but if it's after LL I pile it on. X
Alicethecamel, well done for going back. Many people would have just given up, blaming LL saying it didn’t work. I hope you have a good week back on the food packs. Let us know how you get on!
Thanks for sharing.

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