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  1. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    Hi all. I have been on and off CD for a number of months and have found it really easy to stick to until I eat just one little thing and then find I binge on everything for like a week!
    Yesterday I decided enough was enough and as I am getting married in 2 months time I am setting myself a super hard (but possible!) challenge.
    My aim is to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks!!
    I am going to put my absolute ALL into dieting as I ordered my dress 2 sizes too small and have prob lost nearly 1 size! eek!!!
    Who fancies joining me? Post your own targets and lets get skinny(er) in 8 weeks!!!!!!

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  3. Tallony

    Tallony Member

    Hi Weddingbelle,
    I'll join you in an 8 week challenge. I've lost 18½ lb in the first 3 weeks, but starting from now, I would like to have a total of at least a 3 stone loss, so that is a minimum of 23½.
    Go for it and think of those wedding photos. I lost loads of weight on WW when I got married and I remember my WW consultant saying to me think of your photos and that is what kept me going.
    Jenny :)
  4. TheGirl

    TheGirl Full Member

    Hi i'll also join in a 8 week challenge as im also wanting to lose 2 stone by the end of march as i want to go to a party feeling great!
    i got married 5 years ago and found that the closer i got to the big day the more weight i gained from stress and i now look at my photos and wish that id had more control and willpower. those pictures will haunt me forever so my advice is keep on!!! it will be so worth it!!!!!!!! xxx
  5. thisisme

    thisisme Full Member


    I'll also join - I lost 2.5 stone between 1st November and Xmas Eve and due to various reasons, I only started back on CS last week.

    I'm hopefully moving overseas to work mid April so I'd like to lose 2 stone by the end of March so that I can buy bikinis to take with me!
  6. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    I would like 2st too :)

    Good luck ladies!
  7. thisisme

    thisisme Full Member

    I think 2 stone is achievable for us all. We just ned to stay positive ;)
  8. Linnydot

    Linnydot Member

    I'm with you!! I'm away with my family in 7 weeks for a holiday and this is my first week so I'm trying to lose the best part of 2 stone too!! It's entirely possible if we stick to it :)
  9. Fatgirlslim1965

    Fatgirlslim1965 Full Member

    Go for it girls! I started SS 100% on 2nd jan. no cheats, not even a lick of a spoon! In four weeks I have lost 2 stone! It IS achievable! Good luck! X
  10. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Id like to give it a go too - I start SS on Friday - got 5 and a half stone to lose so think 2stone will be achievable! :clap:
  11. noonoo

    noonoo Member

    ? I'm up for the 8 week challenge too, I've lost 1 stone in 4 weeks, would love another 2 stone off for when my dad arrives. Not seen him for 2 years, he won't recognise me ( hopefully!! ) ?
  12. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    Brilliant guys. Sounds like everyone's really motivated and we've all got things we want to look good for! It is definately achievable if we stay 100 per cent! I nearly cracked already today. My first night off work and I have a funeral to go to tomorrow. Can't sleep as I'm still in night mode. Luckily I have a very good friend who I was on the phone to when I said I was thinking of eating. She told me i'd be so disappointed with myself afterwards and to stay motivated and think of the outcome for the wedding. She is awesome!! I went downstairs and made a pint of water and a choccy shake and now have no more tummy rumbles or feelings of hunger. Believe it or not girls my scales now say 13 stone 6 already! They were what I weighed 13.13 on on monday! So happy I didn't go crazy. Im back to see my consultant next week as had 2 weeks worth of shakes left over from last time so using them up first. If I can drop half a stone in 3 days this is a very promising start! Good luck guys. Let me know how you're getting on xxxxxxxxx
  13. dupton

    dupton Member

    I am in! I too would love to see 2st done by end March! Am on day 2 and had thoses feelings of wanting to quit when giving the kids dinner earlier! Finding this thread will really help I think!
  14. Hey guys. I am we'll up for this. Have a holiday booked for 11 weeks and desperate to lose at least two stone possibly three by then with regular exercise.

    Looking at all these amazing women who have already lost two stone in eight weeks makes me realise its completely achievable if we work hard with lots of will power.

    We will be skinny!!!!
  15. dupton

    dupton Member

    I've had quite a good couple of days in all honesty; no real headaches or hunger...but today I'm struggling. Really hope I'm on the cusp of Ketosis. My energy is 'up' but I'm feeling bit more dizziness and washed out. I did have a cup of boullion so hoping it will get me through this short lived grottiness!
  16. Tallony

    Tallony Member

    I think day 9 / 10 were my worst days for hunger but it definitely passes. Keep drinking the water !! I have drank so much water today I feel like I am positively floating.

    I make wedding cakes/birthday cakes for a living and have spent the day carving chocolate cakes for big 3D designs and I have chucked that much cake away today from the offcuts it is criminal lol - all in a good cause though. There was a time that I would have eaten the remainder but not any more. Am staying strong and focused so come next weigh in on Tuesay, fingers crossed I will have another decent loss.

    Jenny :)
  17. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    wow thats amazing willpower if you are surrounded by cake all day! lol
    we got this! :grouphugg:
  18. Tallony

    Tallony Member

    Thanks Katie. I see you have started today. Hope you have a great first week. Just remember to keep drinking the water as it really does help.

    Jenny :)
  19. dupton

    dupton Member

    Day 4 - in ketosis but it's going to be the first big test this weekend; we're out for dinner tonight for a birthday, and then to a friends for dinner tomorrow.... since I've kept this secret (whilst i get my self into the groove) I'm using the 'I've got a dodgy tummy' excuse for only having water/coffee.
    I hope it works.
    In other news somebody this morning said I was looking 'good' :)
  20. Linnydot

    Linnydot Member

    It's the end of my first week and I've lost ten pounds!!! I'm so happy :) I'm super hungry today, but the weight loss is keeping me going :)
  21. lostpolarbear

    lostpolarbear Full Member

    Hey can I join in? I'd like to lose 2stone in 8 weeks. SS most of the time and SS+ break for a week in the middle. We have a professional family photo session in April and I imagine how I will look on them if I lose 2 stone and that's what's keeping me going. I mean, what is 8 weeks in a lifetime? Nothing! I'm hoping to continue for another month after that too so get to all time goal which I've never reached before xx

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