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8 weeks until i get married... currently 205pounds, would love some advice!


If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them thanks...

I have 8 weeks until I get married and am in a massive panic because of my weight. I have lost 16 pounds over the last 2 months but am having trouble moving the rest and also keeping motivated and not sabotaging myself.

Would love to hear from anyone who is going through the same thing or anyone who has any advice.

Thank you!
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Thank you!

I had never heard of weight loss forums until my desperate google this afternoon.

I am currently having 2 protein soy shakes a day, a 1 hour walk per day and also a small meal of salad and vegies with steak or chicken..... and then of course there is twice a week when i get restaurant food, even tho healthy i know it is not healthy..... or when i have a "bad day" and it all goes out the window.

I am having real trouble sticking to the plan....... ww has never really helped because i could never commit so have decided to go alone.

So what diet plan are you on?

well good on you!!! i know alot of people who reccommend as the only true way to loose weight! I am just not disciplined enough to count points, log on regularly, or go to meetings.

You have had some amazing weight loss, how did you stick to it?
I guess its just second nature now. I needed a weight loss system that would allow me a 'normal' life. I love that I can eat out, drink & socialise and still lose weight. I like the discipline of points, its really totally re-educated the way I look at food and the choices I make :)

And corny as it sounds, I know nothing that I can eat will make me feel as good as seeing the numbers on the scales go down at my wi
I wish i had your discipline! I think organisational skills are a big thing too, that is one of the things that are letting me down.

Anyway, i am determined to healthily loose as much weight as i can before the wedding and after that i am never going on a diet again... I am going to stay on the exercise plan and stay on ahealthy eating plan and by doing that the weight should slowly fall off until i can go for runs and go climbing and get right into sports without feeling like i am going to have a heart attack.

Congrats on doing soo well! You have come a long way.

Hi Maree

I am also getting married in June... weigh simlar to you, got stuck after losing 20lbs so have gone onto Xenical, only my first week but its going well so far.

Nice to meet you :D

hi girls,im new to this site yet am also doing cambridge diet...did lighter life 2 years ago lost weight put it all back on again hence my re-start with cd!!i have tried ww,slimming world and find this diet is best for me...14lb lost in 2 weeks,yet long way to go..!


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Hi I'm new to this forum but I go onto the Cambridge Diet forum often.

I'm on CD, three weeks and I've lost 17lbs - its tough at times but I'm slimming down for my wedding dress, no better motivation!!

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