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810 Help Please!


Mummy of 2!

im not due to see my CDC until next wednesday as she is away and i am due to start 810 then. but i have decided i want to start on this saturday coming rather than wait as the following saturday i need to move up another step to 1000 so i feel i want to give 810 a whole week rather than just a few days. i hope that makes sense.

So the only info i have is from CD website and its not very clear i have this list...
  • Three Cambridge meals
  • 175g portion of poultry meat (without skin or fat)
  • 275g portion of white fish
  • 275g quorn or tofu
  • 325g reduced fat cottage cheese
  • 250g plain cottage cheese
  • 3tbsp 'white or green' vegetables (cooked or raw)
  • 340ml skimmed milk
Continue to drink at least 2.25l (4 pts) of water per day.

Now do i just pick one of those off the list or do i make a meal from the poultry/fish/quorn or cheese options and put with the green & white veg ?

would i have the milk seperately instead of a meal made from the above, or is that as well as the above options?

Thanks in advance:cool:

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For 810, you have 3 Cambridge packs, +340ml skimmed milk (added to tea/coffee) + a meal made up of protein (eg chicken) and 3 tablespoons of veg (eg cucumber/broccoli)

I'll go and get my book and type it out..


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Choose 1 protein rich food from list below. Try to vary each day.

250g plain cottage cheese (5%fat)
325g reduced fat cottage cheese (less than 2% fat)
175g Chicken breast without skin/fat
175g Turkey breast without skin/fat
275g white fish fillet , eg cod, haddock
260g canned tuna in water, drained
190g fresh tuna steak
275g quorn pieces/mine

Choose 3 tablespoons of the vegetables listed below, try to vary your choice each day.

Green salad leaves such as rocket, lamb's lettuce, watercress, raddiccio, little gem or romaine lettuce

Celery, cucumber or red radishes, courgettes or marrow, spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops. Chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or chinese cabbage.

Broccoli, caulifower or any cabbage, even pickled!

Asparagus, fennel or celeriac



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Plus you must still have your minimum of 2.25 litres (4 pints) fluids a day.

Hope that helps! xx


Mummy of 2!
fantastic!!! thank you so much!!! :thankyou: :hug99:

silly me, i should of asked her for the book last week :doh:


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i think there is a sticky thread with 810 meal ideas if thats any help hun? xx


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Good luck with it Amy, 810 is a great plan... you'll soon get the hang of it. And bet your CDC would let you ring her if you have any questions, too. I think this is the best thing to do if you need to go up to 1000 soon, so good thinking.



Mummy of 2!
Hi Katy, thanks for the support;)

I would of called my cdc but she is away...lucky for some hey!

1 last question - is the weights raw weight? so it will be 175g of raw chicken?

ok last last question lol...could i cook up a bit of chicken the night before and kinda pick on it during the day rather than eat it all in one go as a meal?



Stubborn tortoise
I think the weights are uncooked, yep. And yes, you can eat that amount per day, but no rules that say you have to eat it all in one go. It's nigh on impossible to eat 275g of quorn in one sitting, believe me, I have tried... you'd explode! I think grazing is fine. Minis is so fab when CDCs don't have the answer or are away... would never have survived without this forum!