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810, here I come!!

Hey everyone,
I popped on my scales this morning (my CDC lets me use my own) and I am officially 11.5 and so I'm starting 810 today!! My BMI is now 24.9! I cannot believe how quickly my time on SS has come to an end, I was never a quick loser on CD but the last few weeks my losses have picked up. Really happy! Nearly 20 weeks of 100% SS!
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Congratulations, thats fantastic. I can't wait until I am in the same position.
Well done - I admire anyone for being so committed to SS 100%
(me, I woud give myself 80% max for bits of chicken etc. but you have to do what you have to do to keep yourself on the straight and narrow);)
Good luck for 810 and higher - it seems like it gets 'easier' as you can now eat food but in a way it's more difficult because you lose the relative safety of sole source and have to start counting!


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well done thats fab, you should be very proud of yourself :)
well done sbridge....you have done great! hope you enjoy 810!
Hi hun,
I started 810 last week, also after 19 wks! Loving it so far, but its a bit wierd having to think about cooking for self. I condensed some of the 810 recipes on here, so easier to get ideas. Posted on here if want.
Good luck, you've done so well. Feels great doesn't it!! xx


Can hug her knees :)
well done Shantel you really are fantastic xx
Dear sbridge7,

Congrats on being so close to your goal... only about one stone left! Keep us posted and let us know how you think 810 is going. I am looking forward to more than ssing.



Is determined to do this!
Congratulations Shantel!!! You've done so incredibly well, am really pleased for you! <3
That's brilliant news - bet you look fantastic! Almost at goal too woohooo


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Wow, fantastic, I remember when you started, has gone so quickly!


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Shantel, hon
You should be so proud of yourself you have done amazingly well..
As I always say I never forget when you were enquiring about doing the cambridge diet and you were waiting for your birthday before you could start....... Look where you are now..
Amazing results hon you are a true inspiration..
Keep smiling........ :) Marissa x

You've done very well. And look fab. You must be an inspiration to your "counsellees" (is that a word?).


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