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A bit disappointed


Rebel without a calorie
I've been having the dietimeal cottage pie in the evening because I can't stand any of the soups and am craving savoury foods. However my weight loss has slowed to just 2lb this week. I wonder if they have effected it but the nutritional values are roughly the same (207 cals, less carbs, more protein)
I read another thread which mentioned a 3rd week slump and wondered if anyone else had found this?
A bit concerned as only 1 week left on total before my add a meal week which includes my annual 'mad one' with my mate :whistle:
On the bright side I'm no longer obese! Don't think I've ever been so happy to be 'over weight' ha ha
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Congrats on being overweight! I carve such a title lol

Look through other sigs and see if week 3 often shows a slump. Maybe it is just your body adjusting to digesting some 'real' food again. It will probably kick back in this week.
For someone with not much to lose, you have done very well so far Kitty. You should be really proud :)
Well Done, 2lbs is 2lbs...your first 2weeks were excellent losses and the weight loss normally slows in the second, third or sometimes 4th week so I am guessing yours is just deciding to do it in the 3rd week. You have still lost 17lbs in 3weeks!!! :eek:

I know exante dont recommend it, but going by my knowledge of other VLCDs you are allowed to TFR for upto 12weeks and it be healthy, so if you dont want to have an add a meal in week 5, dont!! Just make sure you do in week 13!


Rebel without a calorie
Aw bless you Isis for saying I don't have much to lose, but 4 n half stone seems like a lot to me lol. I've had a look at sigs but there's not much of a pattern tbh.
I need to add a meal next week so that I'm prepared for the 'mad one' on the Saturday.
As we're off work this week we went out to a Harvester for a meal last night. Their new menu is 'choose a grill, add a sauce and a side' plus salad. This seemed like a good choice so I had salad bar (all carefully chosen) as a starter then grilled salmon and more salad as a main. My OH said to have the chips as they were included and he would eat some. Salmon was lovely and didn't touch the chips. The waiter asked if everything was OK and as my OH had said his chips were cold I pointed to the full bowl and said they were cold. OH got a free desert as an apology!!
My confession is to having 2 glasses of wine ;)
Aww don't be disappointed hun you have had two weeks worth of great results that is a large amount loss in a really short space of time..:) so keep at it and you should be fine i can't wait til i get started on mine..:D, whatever you do, don't give up on it as that is what i did after one week of a not so great loss and from there it went downhill....that is why i want to start again and this time round i am determined not to giv up till i have reached my goal.....so hoope you do the same hun :)

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