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A few questions...

Right a few questions for monday as i am getting my packs etc on monday...sooo excited lol

1. The cartons? are they better than u making the shakes yourself?
2. What flavour of bars are there?
3. How much water should you drink on CD?

Think thats all

Cheery folks!!! :)
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Your CD will talk you through all this. No bars in the first 2 weeks but they are caramel, malt toffee, chocolate, peanut and cranberry. haven't tasted the orange one. Tetras are chocolate, banana and strawberry only, but they are very rich and intense, and a bit of an acquired taste. I would only get some when I am going out and know I won't be able to take my shaker.

The shakes are much better, as you can add as much or as little water to them as you like. Soups, well that depends on whether you like cup a soups. I don't.

Water 2 litres minimum, more if you can manage it.

Good luck.
Thanks for that, I was speaking to my CDC and she said she will be able to give me bars the first week as i have been on LL and she feels i would be able to minimise my bars and obviously not eat them all at once, but on LL i only had 2 shakes and 1 bar a day and that was me hunky dory well lol as good as i could get!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I think its a question of taste,I love the choc tetras,not so keen on the other tetras ,I know it sounds disgusting but I put the banana tetra in my coffee I just use the carton of it as milk and just put a little in at a time it does me about 4 cups and even my hubby said it tastes nice.The vanilla is lovely as a shake with a bit of the orange flavouring in its really creamy and yummy.
Thanks hun :) the bananan in coffee *shudders* im sure its nice lol but i can't stand coffee, and i dont think it would have the same effect in tea!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Err no!!Dont try that one!I dont know if the bars are still the same as they were on LL just lemon and toffee I think and they were white,well if they are you will be in heaven when you taste these bars,I love the cranberry but make sure you only have 1!!
Ive heard that about these bars that they are meant to be so much better than LL can't wait really can't
Hi tetras were great I used to warm them up for a nice hot choc or freeze them for ice cream (make sure you take them out freezer 30+before you want it ) they are better in my oppinion with a bit of water add if you are drinking them from carton.
The shakes are great made with ice cubes and water mix you need a blender for this .Or try adding some psylium husks to them with warm water to make a porridge type food I loved this and it also helps keep you regular .Good luck hun xx
Thankyou Mandy x


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My advice would be to get the Porridge. It is delicious and feels like eating food, rather than just a drink and really sets you up for the day. Also, get the flavourings for the water - makes a huge difference like drinking real flavoured water and not so boring.

Good luck

Thanks Val xx
Hi there wants2bnormal,

Drink loads and loads of water, there's some good articles in the 'sticky' section about it and it really speeds up the weight loss :)

Sarah x

I only use the tetra pack's as the one's you have to mix up make me gag.

Anyhoo i keep them in the fridge so there nice and cold and i drink them real fast to get it over and done with.
Sometime's there a bit sweet though.

I have 3 a day + 200ml of skimmed milk.

Please do not but the banana milk in your tea!!:sign0137:


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi,I dont want to stick my nose in too much,but i thought you were supposed to have 4 and the milk or are you just adding the milk as an extra xx

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