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a fishy question

S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
It's fine....just beware the salt content can cause retention so very important to ensure you're drinking enough during the day on a day where you eat it x


Dukan Ancestor!!
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Yes any fish - even oily fish like Mackerel or Salmon is okay, as long as there's no *added* oil, like you might get in tins, or added sauces/marinades. Fresh, smoked, tinned etc. Yes the salt content is an issue to keep an eye on, but apart from that it's fine. I have eaten an awful lot of fish recently, and smoked salmon is still a yummy treat to make up for all the other things that are now off the menu! Both Sainsbury and Tesco do cheap 'salmon trimmings' which are great for scrambled eggs etc. Any Marinated fish - check the label, there can be a lot of sugar!
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i think anju is guru num 2 ,ur post are really benefical !!!!!!!!
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mmm smoked mackerel
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I wish i liked fish it would make this diet so much easier. i like tuna so guess thats better than nothing lol.
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
Kay, I hated salmon (well at least the tinned variety - never had fresh before dukan)...then I bit the bullet and bought some salmon fillets and I love them :)

the thing I like best about this diet is how much it's inspired me to try and I'm now a quite confident cook with things I'd never even try before!
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I have tried salmon several times in different variations it tastes like metal :( i wish i did like fish my life would be so much simpler lol.
I can manage tinned tuna and occasionally white fish if its disguised in some sort of sauce.
I do eat scampi but can't look at the center and have to drown it with vinegar.
Fussy old bag hey :)


** Chief WITCH **
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I don't like bones... but any fish without bones is fine by me! I adore salmon and eat it most days in some form or other - never tinned though. I usually poach it in skimmed milk... or else en papillotte if the oven's on... and I cook a few at a time!

Dukan hollandaise sauce is nice! Just that I'm usually too lazy to make it up just for me...
Im like you Kay, I cant do fish, If I try they look at me like a person with a problem when I say to them *Can I have fish that doesnt look, smell or taste like fish please*..LOL . I did try it again last week for the sake of Dukan but its just wrong, Makes me want to heave, Have no idea why I used to love it when I was small , now I just cant do it, Wish I could would be nice for a change :) xxxxxxxxxx
I finally gave in and tried FISH again, But this time I laced it with a heap of crushed garlic and spices , Egg white, Tiny bit of cornflour and cooked it in a frying pan with a little squirt of oil and cooked it till it was crispy on the outside (well as crispy as it could get..LOL) It wasnt to bad, Not sure if fish is still my thing thou, Think I prefer chicken :) xxxxx

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