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A healthy Life starts here!


Veganism isn't a diet.
Hi all and thanks for looking in and any support you give me. It is ALL appreciated :D

A brief introduction:
In 2002 I went to Slimming World and lost 6st. I had needed to lose 11-12st. But I had to leave the club for personal reasons but tried keeping the diet going which I did for many months. Until we went on holiday.
It has finally all crept back on after all these years.

So my daughter and I are doing this together at home.
This is only an account of my diet, not my daughter's although I might mention her from time to time. :)

I also decided to started a blog, I thought maybe if it was more public then it would be too embarrassing to fail hehe.

I want to do this more for a better life, losing weight is a bonus.
I feel too much pressure is put on losing weight and it is too easy then to feel down when there is no lose, or even if I gain.

I have lost 6lbs so far, recently started, but I tend to lose slowly unless I exercise but that is hard with back injuries.

My first goal is the 10% mark which is 19st 5lbs (274 lbs).
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Hi Amanda Jane,
Just thought i'd pop in to say hello and wish you luck on your journey. You will get lots of support here, they're a lovely bunch.
Kat x


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just wanted to wish you luck what a great start will look forward to reading your posts xx


Veganism isn't a diet.
Friday is my weigh-in and this week I lost 2½ lbs :D

Overall I think it has been a good week, the diet is going well and starting to walk a bit more often. Have to take it easy due to my back but over time I hope it will get stronger.


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well done on your loss x


Veganism isn't a diet.
Another Friday weigh-in.

This week I lost ½ lb. A loss is a loss right. :)

Review of the week: Diet wise it's been okay. I have followed the diet exactly. A few days I reached max limit on Syns. I think maybe that I should lower my Syn allowance to 8 (it is usually 10 a day).
I started drinking more water but it is soooo boring!...
Exercise has been hard though, pulled calf muscle and back pain been playing up this week. Maybe I should rest it for a week. But my lower back actually gets worse if I do lol.

I had an idea. I had tons of old Slimming World magazines and sometimes it can be a pain going through them searching. So I ended up going through the lot and cut out my favourite bits, recipes and such and put them up on the kitchen cupboards.
that's a good idea with the magazines i find it a great motivation to sometimes go through my magazines and find some new ideas - well done on your loss x


Veganism isn't a diet.
Today I weighed in at 21st 5lbs (299lbs) with a BMI of 48.01

That's a loss of 1 lb. :D

The idea with the magazines worked. It makes my daughter forget to get something to eat as she ends up reading the cupboards lol.

I am pleased with my loss this week as I had a doner kebab at the beginning of the week. I was going to use the pitta bread as one of my B allowances but it didn't taste that fresh so I barely had any of it. But the meat and salad was nice.

I walk 3-4 times a week but I just can't seem to get motivated to go on my exercise bike... so if anyone has any ideas? :)
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Well done on your loss, as for using your bike- you could either just plan to use it for a short period a certain number of times and build it up that way. Also there are a lot of challenges on here you can join one or start your own- I bet there would be lots of takers!
Will ask you next week if you've been on your bike!


Veganism isn't a diet.
Today I weighed in at 20st 12lbs (292 lbs) A loss of 7lbs. Yay me :D hehe.

Not sure what I did too much different this week. Drank less coffee and more water. Well mainly hot orange squash (Syn free, and I like hot drinks).
I didn't walk as much this week as the weather has been pretty bad but yay.. I did use my bike instead :D Finally lol.

My daughter seems to be losing track of things. She started so well but now is struggling. She follows the diet when at home with me but when out or at her dad's things go to pot. Not to sure how to get her on track. It worked out one day in the week she had about 260 Syns and she doesn't care.
Well I will keep doing the best I can for her here. She is a big girl now and if she wants to binge when away that is her choice.


Veganism isn't a diet.
Today's weigh in I lost 2 lbs.

It's my first week of 'no idea how I lost weight this week' hehe. But it was a good needed boost. :D


One day at a time
Well done on your loss! Boo xx


Veganism isn't a diet.
My Friday weigh-in...

I lost another 2lb :D

I know the loss is slow but it is consistent and I haven't had a week of staying the same or putting on... Yet!...
I keep waiting to fail. I exercise and follow the diet really well but as soon as I step on those scales, well from the day before I do, I just feel that all that work isn't working and I will have gained.
I am dreading that day because I am feeling good in myself and one knock could change that.
My first goal, like many, is that first 10% loss. I am 1 stone away from that now, just 14lbs to go. But already I feel better in myself so I should feel brilliant by then hehe.

*Hugs and kisses until next Friday*


Veganism isn't a diet.
Another week and another loss :D

I lost 3lbs this week. :D

I really felt that I had put on this week thanks to a 'helpful' friend. Another week and another loss :rolleyes:

Exercise has been hard for the second half of the week but a new week is about to start.
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Veganism isn't a diet.
I haven't walked as much this week but I did go for a 2 hour walk on Tuesday. Although my legs did feel the pain of it afterwards. But a couple of days of rest sorted that out :D and my back didn't hurt even once which I am so pleased about.

I am really struggling most days to get to the 5 Syn mark let alone up to 9 Syns. But then a couple of times I got to 8-9 Syns easily.
But I will be making some Brownie Bites over the weekend, I am sure that will help hehe.

This week I lost 2lbs so I am pleased about that. Getting to the point where I don't feel as if I am gaining or losing. I just keep plodding on with what I have been doing. It has worked so far.
Of course if it stops working I will review the situation. :)


One day at a time
Hi Amanda

Lol I found you!!! Congrats on your weight loss, your doing really well.

Hope your day is going well and keep up the good work Boo xx

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