A Journey of 5 stone or more ?

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by Angel72, 13 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Angel72

    Angel72 Gold Member

    Hi everyone,
    However much weight there is to lose it's always a challenge. For those of us with that little further to go its nice to have company on the journey. I know my resolve lifts when I see others on the forums with similar distance to go, and to see their success, but we are all spread out over so many posts and I can't keep track! I Hope others join me on here to share their losses and journey to success! We can do it together. Good luck to everyone, whether its 10lbs or 100!
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  3. snoozylou

    snoozylou Member

    Hi everyone
    Thanks angel72 your post is a great idea! I also have a lot of weight to lose! Ideally I need to lose about 7 stone but am going to take it a pound at a time! I feel inspired reading other peoples success stories especially when I am having a bad day on the diet! I havent weighed in yet but I think I am moving in the right direction. I have just joined a Zumba class for the first time which is a big step for me, its embarrassing how unfit I am but here goes! Good luck everyone on your journeys!
  4. Yes I Can!

    Yes I Can! Full Member

    Hi all - to be in the 'healthy category' I need to lose 9-10 stones. So I'm with you all the way. I've done 10 days do far and lost 19lbs so it's going well.
    Looking forward to seeing your losses everyone.
    Keep up the good work :)
  5. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    wow thats amazing 19lbs loss well done :) xx
  6. Angel72

    Angel72 Gold Member

    Hi everyone, great to see you on here, I've struggled with weight for 30 years (first diet at ten) but Exante is different and it can't fail if we stick to it! I'm a porridge, shakes and orange bar girl. I've tried carbonara but just can't seem to cook it right (explosive tendencies). Lets look forward to being slinky by summer!
  7. Angel72

    Angel72 Gold Member

    For inspration, Diva Davis started in October and has lost 52Lbs which is amazing. Huwiesmummy has lost over 120lbs so it really does work and we can do it if we stick to it! Feeling a bit hungry so I'm having a peppermint tea. It's chilly here tonight. How's everyone's day going? Zumba sounds great fun snoozylou, good for you for giving it a whirl. YIC 19lbs is a great loss already, well done.
  8. ali28

    ali28 Silver Member

    I've got about 9 stone to lose and have been really amazed by the success people have had on exante.

    I'm on day 2 and feeling ok, strange not having actual food though.

    Good luck to everyone and hope we all achieve our goals xx
  9. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    I started the diet on Jan 4th at 15.1 but was previously healthy eating and exercising my way from 16.1.

    I ideally want to be 9.6 as that just puts me in the ideal category...but the wii fit said I should be 8.5 so I have 5-6 stone left to lose.

    Good luck on all your journeys :)
  10. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    im starting tomorrow and really excited :) as it seems it works hearing everyones great success. :) just got to empty out the cupboards so i have NO temptation lol xx
  11. ali28

    ali28 Silver Member

    Good luck to you e55ex girlie :) x
  12. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    thank u very much xx
  13. DivaDavis

    DivaDavis Silver Member

    Found it angel!!
    Good luck to all on this journey. No matter how we got here, we are and we're doing something about it! I would suggest a tape measure along with your scales, cos some weeks it shifts from the bod and if you see that too it keeps you going :)YesICan-fab loss :D
    I'm aiming for 8 off and am nearly half way, though I will still be overweight at 14st! My previous and only major loss was to around 14 and I was happy so going for the same and seeing if the clothes still fit! If not I'll keeeeep going. Have decided on an 11mile walk in June to raise money for the National Autustic Society-seemed like a good idea.....!
    Ramble over. :rolleyes:
    ttfn XX
  14. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    wow you have lost loads :) and well done on that walk what a great cause xxx
  15. Flowergirl83

    Flowergirl83 Member

    Day 5......and 7lb lost! I am very happy and so motivated now! Good luck with your first day E55ex girl xx
  16. Yes I Can!

    Yes I Can! Full Member

    Diva you're an inspiration :) Well Done. I look back a couple of years at photos when I was around 14 and I now actually think I looked ok but I still obsessed about my weight then. I think I may be similar to yourself and try and get myself to around that point as an initial goal and see how I feel when I get there.
    Keep us posted on your amazing losses :) x

    Big well done to everyone - let's keep it up and we'll get there sooner than we think.

    And I still completely LOVE whoever it was that posted about the ice cream / smoothie to go. I could not ever thank you enough. Xx
  17. 11StoneTarget

    11StoneTarget Full Member

    I am totally up for joining this thread. I started 8th January at 19st 3lbs and it is so daunting thinking how much weight I need to lose. When I am sitting in the evening hungry and drinking fluids I look at the success stories to keep me motivated.

    It is great having this online support to help us reach our goals.

    Stay strong everyone!

  18. nonnibear

    nonnibear Full Member

    Got exactly 5 to lose!
  19. Angel72

    Angel72 Gold Member

    Yeay, lots of company! We are sure to get there. Hi Diva, so pleased you found us so everyone can see how amazing and positive you are. A little snow this morning but warm strawberry shake was yum. Pint of Peppermint tea then back to bed (then up in an hour to go to the loo :)) Night shift tonight. Stay strong everyone and have a fantastic day.
  20. leslabelle

    leslabelle Full Member

    I've got a lot to go too.
    Lost 75lbs this time last year but went back to my bad old eating ways and put it all back on again and so have started again and 1st week weigh in this morning and i've lost 12.5lbs so i'm delighted.

    Having done Exante before successfully i know it does work and it can be very quick compared to a lot of other diets where it's just a pound or two loss per week. I think when one has such a lot to lose it's just so offputting knowing you're going to have to do a diet for so long to lose the weight whereas with this one it's so much quicker.

    Good luck to everyone just starting their Exante journeys, i'll be following your stories with interest.
  21. Angel72

    Angel72 Gold Member

    Wow Lesley fantastic loss already well done. In 2009/2010 I lost 8 stone and got down to 13 st witl lighterlife. I prefer Exante. I can't believe how quickly the weight went back. i went off the rails when I was told that the reason i lost weight ( to have a baby) wasnt going to happen even with BMI less than 30. I eat emotionally and it's hard to break. Hubby doesn't help with his love of takeaways. If I don't control it now my weight will just increase more and more. I was 22st this time last year, started Exante in October and did well but came off for my 40th birthday weekend away with friends and over Christmas and stupidly put a stone on. So, clean start, here we go, no breaks.

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