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A question about scale placement

For those of you who attend a WW class, can I ask if your consultant always places the scales in the same place, every week for your class? If they do, do you think this affects your losses? The reason I ask is that I've noticed that my consultant has never had the scales in the same place twice, doesn't have a board under the scales ( its carpet, don't know if that makes a difference or not lol). I put on ½ lb this week, and I'm in no way blaming the scales, its my TOTM and its fluid retention, it was just something I noticed tonight and previous slimming clubs I've attended ( SW and Rosemary Conley), the consultants always had the scales in the same place, and always had like a slab of wood under the scales too.
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Hard flooring at mine so no wood. She usually keeps them in the same place but this week didn't do but I doubt that affected my weight loss as it matches up perfectly with my home scales with weigh half a lb heavier than WW ones. Good thought though! I may bear this in mind if I get an unexpected gain- demand the scales be moved! :D


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Had a problem with this a few weeks back. My OH has been weighing me on a friday morning since March, and I only went back to WW when I was back to gold - so he still weighs me in the morning, then class in the evening.

The other week, he weighed me and I was a 3lb loss. I always weigh myself as I'm leaving so to make sure I know the difference between scales and I was still showing -3lbs. WW scales are ALWAYS 0.5lbs heavier. This particular week, my leader had a helper and I got shoved on her scales, they looked really old and weighed me at just 1lb loss. This obviously recovered the next week when I was on my leader's nice new(er) scales.

Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed! x

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