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A reminder about sub forums

The problem I find Starlight, is that on the iPhone app, you can't see the titles of the subforums, so I have no idea what they are. I've attached the image in case you don't have an iPhone.

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I think that a way to get around this problem is that Starlight renames the subforums to "WW" rather than "Weight Watchers" on the front... so people on iPhones can read the title of the subforum :)
@OlliesDolly - no worries these things happen :)
@starlinght - it does show I don't have an iPhone... :) Can anybody confirm whether it's possible or not to change the direction of the screen on the iPhone? If I recall correctly from my sister's, I think you can... but I'm not sure!
so that's it then... no need to change anything :)
Oops. I think I may have posted some in the wrong places from just guessing what each section was.
After reading the thread I turnt my phone around and it shows the whole title :)
Think many of the posts in wrong places may be due to the app.
I have mine set not to move and love this. You go to the menu at the bottom of your iPhone, it has messages, safari and iPod in it then scroll to the left and a little lick will be there beside a play, fastforward and rewind button! Just click and there ya go no nasty turns.

It prob would be a good idea as if people don't read this too they won't know. I know I posted in the wrong section the first time I used this and was informed of my mistake very early. Although it wasn't done maliciously i still felt silly and disheartened. And it might deter people from using this brill site. So would advise a change (if possible)
i need to get me a iphone ^_^ :D

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