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A sad sight


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As I drove to work this morning I saw a guy who was probably only in his forties in an electronic wheelchair. He must have been at least 40 stone. It really struck a chord. Others have commented on other threads about wanting to tell random fatties about LT and that is he feeling I had. At least us guys using this forum are trying to sort ourselves out. Otherwise 'it's but for the grace of God go I.'
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I feel like an advertisment for LT sometimes. Now every1's starting to notice and asking me how I've done it. Find myself giving out the website address and also recruited my brother. It's a weight loss cult lol Well done on ur loss xx


weighs a lot less
everyday i see people who could benefit from LT i just wish that healthcare professionals would make people more aware,i saw a lady today who i went to school with and she looked like a heart attack waiting to happen,she was at the doctors for a diabetes test why didnt they tell her about LT or another vlcd ????
I am really shocked that this diet isnt more commonly known... I never knew about it until recently - if more people knew about it then they could actually dramatically change their weight loss and health. Its a shame more people dont know.... we are blessed to have discovered LT, this forum, each other and also to have the self discipline to see it through xxx


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I never imagined for one minute that I would ever be heavier than my normal 105lb to 110lb weight!

Life changes, things happen and one stone leads to another...and I know my own denial was such that I ignored my problem until my doctor said if I don't do something about it now while still relatively young it will be so much harder when I am older.

I saw my own future in my Auntie who had been practically house bound for the last few years and I became very aware after a photo of us together that I was heavier than her:eek::cry:

My Auntie died a couple of weeks ago...I think of her as a young vibrant woman who loved life, embraced sports and fashion and yet ended up over weight, diabetic and unable to walk as her knees could not carry her any longer and loads of other obesity related complaints...

How do any of us get to a point where we do actually become overwhelmed by our own weight and what we have done to ourselves and what is it that motivates us to change our lives and do something about it?

I think your quote...Otherwise 'it's but for the grace of God go I.'

Is so very true.

Love Mini xxx
When I was in the states there were loads of people in electric wheelchairs - I'm prepared to bet at least half of them were in them coz of their weight!

Hopefully we, by our losses, will encourage those who want to to follow our lead. The problem is, as my mum says, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink! Until they want to do it they won't make the effort - sad but true! We made the decision enough was enough and we took the big step onto the LT life but if you aren't committed then you won't stick to it. I'm amazed at my willpower - I've never had any before but this time was my time! I am determined and I know I'm in it for the longterm but I could have started with a friend in January - I may have gone on my hols a much lighter person instead of an unhappy, obese one!

Good luck to everyone and, if we can justone person on their journey to a healthlier life then good on us.

Sorry if that sounds pompous - I don't mean to!

I think your quote...Otherwise 'it's but for the grace of God go I.'

Is so very true.

Love Mini xxx
very profound when u think about it indeed

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