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A whole lot of weight to shift.


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So I have a whole load of weight to lose.

Starting at over 500 pounds I had to lose over half my body weight.

Started early February and in 22 since have lost 88 pound. Things are going great and couldn't of hoped for a better start to my weight lose journey, but I know that's just what this is a start and I have a long way to go.

My main vice use to be alcohol, but since starting this I have cut it out completely and the binging on crap after I drank as gone with it.

I still have a treat meal now and then, but make sure it isn't more than once a week, going to go with a treat meal every two or three weeks.

Started out not being able to even walk round my block, as the first time I tried in February I had to turn round and go back home, while this is a bad thing it gave me great motivation to lose the weight, as at thirty years old the way I was carrying on I would not of lived more than a few more years I don't think.

Moving on to my food now I have cereal in the morning a sandwich and a packet of crisps or two for dinner and a veg dinner or stir fry, beef bourguignon, spag bol, jacket, salad or fish for tea. Also having a yogurt and banana and four crackers in between, also a apple now and then.

Will cut the crisps out when I stop loosing weight, but for now they are OK.

I did go out to stay with friends in Spain for three months and that was a massive boost, as they have a pool and was in there nearly every day.

Exercise wise I do now

monday, Wednesday, Friday -
Bike 15 mins.
Weights - 10 shoulder lifts, 10 bench press, 10 squats, 10 bar curls. Then with dumbells 10 pec fly, 10 side lifts, 10 curls.
Walk round block [about half a mile]

Tuesday, Thursday -
Bike 20 mins
Walk round block

Saturday, Sunday -
Walk round longer walk [about a mile]
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You're doing FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! Keep it up :)


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WOW... 88lb Lost!! Thats AMAZING!!!

You should be sooo Proud!!


Choose Life.
Thank you everyone :)

Weigh in and down 5 pound :)

Bike done - 15 mins - 6k
Weights done

Getting closer to that century club.


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wow well done hun you are doing so well you must feel so proud of what you have achieved so far. ive got about 80lb left to lose and it just isnt going :(


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Just looked through my old thread on another forum,and took the mesurments from there
Neck: 21
Chest: 68
Stomach: 70
Thighs: (L, R) 37 35
Upper Arm: (L, R) 17 1/2 18 1/2

and I would of been more than them as I was hevier this time, anyway just redone them and ATM they are

Neck: 18
Chest: 61
Stomach: 63
Thighs: (L, R) 30 - 29
Upper Arm: (L, R) 15.1/2 - 17

So a total of 33 and half inches in total.


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Wooop wooop on the inches lost:D:D
Brilliant loss!! Getting close to the century club well done!!
You totally will make it. I've been around the weight loss forums block once or twice and I am willing to bet money you'll make it :) You are determined enough and on your way to get addicted to exercising which would be the key.

Loads of good luck!


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Thank you again everyone :)

Bike done today 15 mins 5.8k, plus weights done.


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good work, im trying to find something to occupy the kids so i can use the tv to do a workout lol the eldest and the twins are glued to bloody cbeebies, 6 month old is sitting in his bouncey chair watching too :doh: we did just get back from a long walk to the park though and a long play session so i'll let them off :D


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Don't blame you James have a great big cod in batter for me love! No seriously we are in this for the long run and have to learn how to manage our eating 'life' so do what you think you have to do to keep it up good luck and enjoy your tea tonight.


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Was going to have fish but went for chicken chips and curry sauce in the end, and glad I did it was loverly :D