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aaaarrrrggggghhhh malteaser cake


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st1lb Loss: 2st8lb(17.56%)
Well I'm needing a kick in the bum, I'm at soft play with my little boy and instead of just buying drinks and sitting down, i bought drinks and a bit malteaser cake cos the cakes they have are excellent. I feel cheated now. i really should know better.
I'm annoyed at myself, as i know on Tuesday i will be regretting having it at weight in. how do i redeem myself now???

for the past month between birthdays nad family visits i've been off track and just cant seem to get back on track and i was doing really well too as i've lost 2st 4
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I got myself into a hole like this not that long ago, and I tried to get back into the swing of things, but kept failing. I found that I had to seriously consider things in my mind....did I want to eat the stuff I shouldn't?? Or did I want to lose weight?? I decided that I really did want to lose weight, so I dug all my books out and searched some new recipes and got myself all excited again about slimming world. The great thing about slimming world that I think we all forget from time to time, is that we can still enjoy the things we love, just in moderation, and if we 'pig out', use it as a flexi-syn day :D Always loads of flexibility and choice. Hope you get back on track soon xx
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It's a minor hiccup, not a catastrophe. As Tinnedtomato said, use it as flexi-syns day. Put it behind you and move on. It's done now, so can't be undone. Just get back on the SW 'horse' and gallop on to a better you

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I would have the cake if you really fancy it your not gonna eat the whole thing and just take it out of your syns
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Hi there girls,
I'm just in the middle of getting myself back on track- went on holiday over the last 2 weeks and puton nearly 1/2 stone!!! But decided I'm starting fresh from today- just maxed out on my fruit and veg and no syns until my wi on Saturday. And the same next week!
We can do it!!!!!


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just be good the rest of the week, I fell off the wagon big style, joined in April, stopped going to classes beginning of June, then re-joined last week to find I'd only put 3 and a half pounds on, I was expecting a lot more, and I'm back on track now. It's so easy to lose focus though, I'm sure you'll be ok


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I went through a phrase of eating food just coz it was there but I was gaining weight fast so decided I better start good again :) I have slipped up a few times this week but I just tried again day after :)
S: 12st2lb C: 9st4lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 2st12lb(23.53%)
this is the great thing about SW, you have a way to get up and start afresh! i love flexi syn days!
Look, if you have a bit of cake that takes you over your syns, that ISNT a flexisyn day. Flexisyns are supposed to be decided in advance, be a fixed amount of syns and you are supposed to go back to free and superfree when you use up that amount, they are not supposed to be used as an excuse when you go over syns. It is a method of keeping you feeling in control on those days where your syns are likely to exceed the recommended amount so that you dont go "ah, stuff it, I've blown it today anyway" and make things even worse for yourself.

If you go over your syns, and we all do it from time to time, just cut back on your syns a little (but have at least 5 a day) for the next few days and balance yourself out. No harm done.

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