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  1. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Evening all :)

    I changed over to CD from LT nearly 4 weeks ago, have been SSing without a break for 13.5 weeks now. I'm wondering whether I should now do AAM for a week, as the last 2 weeks I have only lost 2.5lb a week - whereas previously I was losing 3lb a week every week, and I'm getting a bit demoralised.

    Does AAM give your body a little 'kick-start' again after SSing for a long time? Do any of you find that it helps to speed things up again if your rate of loss has started to slow?

    I'd be grateful for any advice as I just want to get things moving again! ;)
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  3. Dub07

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    ooooh was I cross at the notion of AAM. It would mess up all my weight loss etc. But actually it ended up that it wasn't temptation about food - the portions are too damn small - it didn't mess up my weight loss - 3 times more than the previous week (okay: 3lbs vs 1lb is not a big, big deal).

    If I were in your place, I'd try it on week 5 at least, then when you get to week 10 (if you need to) and are due to do it again you'll know what to expect/decide.
  4. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Thanks! Still need some advice though re whether it might help kick-start my loss again - anyone help please???? What are the portion sizes for AAM?

    I apologise if this has been asked before - I've tried to do a search for this but AAM is too common a word to search on so I cant get any results.
  5. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor


    Consists of..3 Cambridge diet meals (4 for guys and ladies 5'8''and over)
    One of the following..50g Chicken or turkey breast without skin
    80g cod, haddock, or other white fish
    80g Quorn
    60g Soft Tofu or 120g firm tofu
    100g reduced fat cottage cheese
    2 tablespoons of any veg from list

    spring onions
    savoy cabbage
    pickled red cabbage
    any other leafy green veg.

    Still drink all your water.,
    As you are coming up to week 5 you should go onto AAMW anyway.
    You will still lose weight, you must stick with the above to the letter. No extra picking.
    You can split this meal into 2 if that helps.
    Then week 6 go back to SS you will still have a brill loss.

    Hope this all makes sense.

    Good luck
  6. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Thank you so much, thats great :D
  7. Lesly Cambridge

    Lesly Cambridge Cambridge Consultant

    Hi Elle - were you not given the pink and blue Sole Source Programme book? AAM is described on page 10, and the latest edition is MED002/3.3 (on the back cover). If you haven't got it, you can access it via the company website - go to brochure downloads.
  8. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Thanks Lesly, no I wasnt given anything at all :-(
    I'll pop along and download it, thanks for telling me that!
  9. WitchyAnne

    WitchyAnne Full Member

    I just posted this elsewhere...
    Oh and I am new: Hi! :-D

    Well, if you eat something low carb, then it will ramp up your metabolism whilst still allowing you to pop right back into ketosis.

    It also will set various hormones and minerals aright. :)
  10. WitchyAnne

    WitchyAnne Full Member

    Dammit! I keep answering REALLY OLD posts! LOL!
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