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  1. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Hello! I've never done a diary before while I've been losing weight... I've tried for a few days and failed so I thought maybe doing it properly this time will help keep me focussed! So here it is, welcome! :)

    Day 1 over and done with, wasn't really a 'struggle' but I was almost in pain with it lol. Very, very tired and felt quite sick most of the evening. Day 2 (today) I've woken up feeling MUCH better, maybe because I had my last soup about an hour before I went to bed and I had a lot of water just before aswell.. so I don't know whether that has anything to do with it but I feel like I've had a bit of a pick me up since yesterday :)

    Will battle through today and post another update tonight, if I'm half as tired as last night it'll be an early night! x
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  3. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    hi aaron..i think i remember you before from doing LT?

    h x hows it going?
  4. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    I know I recognised your name straight away :) long time ago now!!! 2 years I think... I'm hoping I can do as well as I did on LT this time around, I have less to lose than I did on LT but still over 4 stone... How are you doing? Its really nice to see other people doing exante that you recognise x
  5. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    well ive been on it just over 3 weeks and lost 21 lbs so far. had a couple of slips ups but still very pleased. i like the fact that you can have other products as well as exante if you dont like them, ie the tesco bars and coke zero occasionally..its helps a lot!

    glad to see you around and hope all goes well for you with exante. have you tried it before this time round?

    h x
  6. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    21lbs in 3 weeks well done!!! woop!!! I've tried exante before aye, I like the flavours a lot more than lipotrims, A LOT MORE! the reason I stopped exante last time was because all my work colleagues were very unsupportive and I ended up crumbling under the pressure ha poor excuse I know but thats how I felt, I actually have a different job this time around and I work with 2 guys rather than 7 women, and they are very supportive haha. I'm also not going to make this as public as I did last time because a lot of people disagree with these diets and I find that the constant pressure gets to me :S but I am very determined this time. If I can lose 21 lbs in 3 weeks I will be very very pleased :)
  7. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    go you :) only my OH and daughter know (plus everyone on here lol) but thats fine by rather just get on with it and have no distractions and other peoples negative comments count as distractions i reckon!

    h x
  8. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Exactly!! The same here, if people are saying negative things it really distracts you..

    Getting to the end of day 2 now, drank plenty of water (around 3 litres I think) and feeling really tired. Gonna get in bed, watch a film and then hello day 3... smooth sailing so far I suppose :)
  9. Danii

    Danii Banned

    Hello and all the best with your weightloss journey :)
  10. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Thank you!

    Has anybody tried fortnightly weigh-ins rather than weekly? I know in the past I have been really disheartened by a 1lb loss, and it tends to even out the week after with a bigger loss... If I can stick it, I think I'll try weighing every 2 weeks rather than weekly, just to iron out those pesky little mood breakers... Although if I had a 1lb loss after 2 weeks I think I would be very upset lol.
  11. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Hey welcome ur doing fab, totally up to u how u wanna do ur weigh ins some of us daily weigh lol can be disheartening but what ever works best go for it :) x
  12. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Thank you :)

    Feeling really quite yucky right now, think I'll get into bed with a water and stick something on the TV, just feel soooo lethargic!!! Hope this feeling passes by tomorrow as I have a gig to go and see :(
  13. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Yay. Woke up today on day 4 feeling so much better! Like a million times better. Was fast asleep for 9 last night... I think the early nights have helped me get through these tough days :) off to plod through another day at work, then off to Manchester to watch a band and then home and bed, losing weight all the while! Joys :) x
  14. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    what are you planning to do re christmas?

    h x
  15. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    I don't know yet I'm terrified of thinking about it, but I think Christmas Day I will probably eat something... and New Years Eve aswell as I would like a couple of drinks I think, but between those two days I will just be plodding on with TS as normal, I'm hoping it won't make THAT much difference to my weight loss for that week as I won't be going mad...

    And then its business as usual January onwards :) what about you, what are you doing for it? x
  16. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    well as per my signture thingie below, im doing an LT refeed from next monday to thursday then will be away for a couple days for the weekend for my birthday then backa nd will be following the LT refeed principals as much as i can until the first week in january then will think again :)

    i hope lol

    h xx
  17. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Ohhh good plan good plan. I am a MASSIVE lover of hot sauces and I e-mailed exante today to see if its possible to have hot sauce in your soup while doing total solution and they said it was ok.

    I love encona west indian sauce, and it has 31cals and 4.9g carbs per 100ml, and a whole bottle is 142ml so I think thats pretty alright! Going to try it with my soups anyway, if anything negative happens I'll stop but it makes the soups taste a MILLION TIMES BETTER!
  18. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    anythings worth a try to makes things more palatable as long as it doesnt chuck you out of ketosis :)

    will you try the tesco bars?

    h x
  19. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    I'm not sure about them, I haven't seen them about, where abouts in a Tesco do they sell them? Probably a weird question sorry lol... I'm out tonight for a friends birthday but I'm driving so I'll have to stick to water no matter what :)

    Are the bars just ss good as the Exante bars? I don't really know much about them :p
  20. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Oh and I'm also well into day 5 yay!
  21. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    i havent bought them for a while as i stockpiled the last lot i got lol but as far as i can remember they were with the slimming stuff, i e slimfast, running bars, that sort of thing

    id definately give them a try. id say they were far superior to the exante bars which i used to find hard to get through

    and well done on reaching day 5!! yay lol

    h x

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