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Acai Berry supplements...


Going for Goal!
I know a few people who have been using these tablets as an aid to weightloss.

I have read the leaflet that comes with the supplements, and the tablet works by 'removing any fat contents from the stomach'.

I wondered whether using this during ss+ would help with weighloss speed? So anything we eat during ss+ will have any fat removed to ensure we are getting the protein and vitamins from the foods we eat only.

The leaflet also says "should be used alonside a controlled and healthy diet"

I wondered if anyone has tried them and whether they have helped your weightlosses?
Hugs x x x
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Actually, i am quite satisfied with my losses on ss and ss+. do you think your body could cope with more? We need a bit a fat in our diets to stay healthy.so what little we get with CD woul be almost essential. there is much more to losing weight then "losing wieght" if you know what I mean. even so , I would be willing to bet they dont speed up weight loss when you are already on a vlcd. Sorry emma but this is just my opinion. Hey, im sure others would be interested in it????


Gone fishing
Please stay away from these. Not only does Cambridge give you the fat you need, so shouldn't be looking to get rid of more, but the whole acai thing is a scam.

Besides, the spam from them is appalling:mad:
I have acai berry tablets and to be honest they do naff all, i tried every diet possible acai was one of many and they dont work! they ARE good for you they are a super food and id maybe advise taking them once your off CD and eatin properly for a vitamin boost but they dont make you lose weight at all
just stick to CD 100% as much as possible and you'l lose weight the fastst way possible that ive found anyway CD makes you lose weight so much faster than any diet ive done so just embrace the CD losses and dont try mess with it and take anythin extra


Going for Goal!
Thanks for your input guys :)

Your much needed opinions are very useful - I think i'll stay away from them for the time being!!!

Hugs x x x


we had a similar discussion about "alli" and xenical on here a few weeks back

You cannot, repeat CANNOT, remove all fat from your diet, You need fat.

Your brain is coated in fat, without fat your hormone balances don't work, your brain won't work, your organs wont work. CD is very carefully balanced so that it keeps you as healthy as possible. There is no reason to meddle with it.

Plus what other diet gives you a stone a month loss? I think that on its own is good enough, no reason to mess about with it.

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