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Cruise PV Adapting "normal" recipes for Dukan friendly versions

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Hello All,
I start Cruise tomorrow, so I am thinking ahead (I always meal plan anyway) and I'm starting my shopping list.
On PV days I really want to try and eat similar things as my family so I don't feel left out.

I want to adapt my usual recipe for Ragu (Spag Bol) so if I post my usual recipe and then the Dukan version (next to it in red), please could you experts tell me if it will be okay for PV days or, if I've made errors, how I can change things? Thank you.

Original Ragu Recipe (serves 8) .........Dukan Version (8 portions)
4 tbsp olive oil ................................omit this
1 onion ..........................................1 onion
1 large carrot ..................................1 large carrot
2 celery sticks .................................2 celery sticks
500g minced beef ...........................500g extra lean steak mince
500g minced pork ...........................substitute for a further 500g E/L steak mince
2 glasses red wine ...........................is this allowed? (alchohol is "burnt off")
700ml passata ................................700ml Passata - sieved tomatoes so I take it this is fine?
2 tbsp tomato puree ........................is this allowed?
200ml chicken stock ........................use a low sodium stock cube (which brand make them please?)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Obviously, I won't be able to have the spag :cry: so I was thinking of making a galette and cutting it into strips so I don't feel too deprived or else dry roasting some julienne parsnips (but I know parsnips are limited). If anyone has any other substitues for spaghetti that would be great.

Please tell me if I've adapted this recipe correctly or if I've made a complete hash of it. :newbie: :eek:
I'm still new to all this so will bow to all the experts.
Thanks for reading xx
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Do you have a product over there that is called "Nooodle"? I found it in the natural food section in my grocery store where the products for celiac disease are kept. It has no carbs, no fat, no calories. It looks like noodles, has a similar consistency too. All you do is open the bag (they are stored in water), give them a rinse and add them to your meal. I will admit they initially smelled a little off but they reminded me of tofu, where it takes the flavor of whatever it's cooked with. Just a thought. It made me feel like I was eating spaghetti with the family. I too struggle with eating different from them.

You could visit their website to see if it is something that is available to you. :)
Your pasta sauce is fine for PV days, you can have 30ml of wine as a tolerated (so 60ml per person per day as an absolute max with no other tolerated items - only if not stalling and happy with weight loss - not sure how much is in a glass?)

Courgettes are a great pasta substitute (so great, in fact, that I prefer them to pasta even now that I'm on stab).

Peel your courgette to get rid of skin, then peel the courgettes until you're down to the seeds. Microwave the strips with a little water for a couple of minutes and hey presto, al dente 'better than pasta' courgette tagliatelle. Parsnips are high-carb veg, so keep them as treats, especially if you're having carrots also.

There are Japanese noodles which are 0% carbs, Jo uses them, Tan too, I think.

For the low-fat stock, I used Maggi or Knorr. I know you can get Knorr in the UK (I used to use them when I lived there, whether you can get low-fat is another matter though...)

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm chuffed that I didn't mess up the Dukan version because it will give me more confidence to try to convert other recipes.
I've worked out the wine to be 31ml per portion so that should be fine. TBH I could omit it, but I am trying my best not to deviate too much from my tried and tested original recipe!
Hope Morrisons sell the L/F stock cubes.

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Just found a bag of Quorn mince in the freezer.
Is this allowed on both PP and PV days please? Or is it not allowed at all?
Just thought I could use 500g Quorn and 500g EL steak mince in the recipe.

Thanks again for any help xx


** Chief WITCH **
Quorn yes, corn no! haaaaa!

I love courguette tagliatelle and can hardly tell the difference, to be honest.

The noodles Jennifer mentions are called konjac noodles, or shirataki. You can find them in specialty Japanese food stores or order them online. (I just googled them to find you a link, but both sites I found are out of stock...) They do smell strange, when you open the packet, but I rinse them well, boil them a couple of minutes (else they're a bit chewy), then you can use them in stir fries or anything you choose. Spaghetti they're not, alas. Courguettes win there!


Not very good at this!
Yes we have spaghetti squash here - I grew some last year and Waitrose sometimes sell them, although I haven't seen them anywhere else. I have a gadget called a spirali, which is a cutting device and it makes spaghetti type strands form vegetables e.g butternut, and they are very nice (although of course it requires a little bit of effort!)

Lurch Spirali: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home
I would love for you to post more normal to dukan recipes here :) found this one a real help. Do have the dukan recipe but half the stuff in there, I wouldn't normally eat. Be great to stick to more standard meals that whole family can eat x


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi rainbow, have you looked in the Recipes Forum:
Dukan Recipes - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

There you will find all sorts of 'normal' recipes we've been sharing, including new adaptations of old favourites.

Nearly any recipe that consists of meat/fish & Veg can be adapted: omit any oil and dry fry in non-stick frying pans, susbstitute any creamy high-fat elements with yoghurt or quark, use lean cuts of meat (that may require adapting your cooking method...), leave out anything that's not allowed like flour as thickener... Obviously the end result will be a BIT DIFFERENT from the original but usually it's a nice result nevertheless.
I'm about to post the curry we had tonight - a straight adaptation of a recipe from the Good food website (as most of mine are!). And the rest of the family had Nan breads with it while I had a slice of Dukan Bread (carefully kept back from my daily ration...)
Hadn't even noticed that option at the top! Lol was only reading from daily menus down
Thanks! Will have a good look round. Ordered lots of shopping with herbs and spices and will try a chicken curry I think :) yum. So excited to start cruise and eat more normal stuff :) x

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