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add your food diarys

Good idea - I had this yesterday:

breakfast - shake
snack - a small pear
lunch - shake
snack - celery with peanut butter
dinner - cheese omelet and salad
snack - a few strawberries;)
i had,
atkins bar,
piece of cheese,
atkins bar,
chicken satay,
2lt water
and tea
yesterday I had..

1/2 sm. atkins bar
bacon, onion + red pepper omlete (1 rasher, 2 sm. eggs and sprinkling of grated cheese)
1/2 sm. atkins bar
2L water
2 cups black coffee
Yesterday I had :

Strawberry Shake
Half an Apple
Beef Soup
Half an Apple
Baked fish and salad
6 Strawberries
3 Litres of water
Glass of Diet Pepsi

yesterday i had
snack:crab stick and quater of apple
snack brie and red pepper
dinner: smoked makrel, brocoli onion mushrooom n peper homade sauce
snack:brie and apple
drinks:2 ltr water
ok had a shake
then at dinner had a chicken breast with tomartoes and mushrooms
then I had a meal replacement bar before bed...oh and some cheese at about 4pm!
bit naughty tonight for tea but what the heck.. it was blummin' good :)

(no snack - forgot)
*atkins bar
*chicken breast (stuffed with philly cheese mixed with chopped chives, parma ham and garlic) wrapped in parma ham with spinach and carrots - YUM!

not had snack yet

usual water and coffee
today i had,
atkins bar,
bacon, egg, mushrooms and cheese,yellow pepper
atkins bars,
water and 4 cups of tea
today i had,
atkins bar,
bacon, egg, mushrooms and cheese,yellow pepper
atkins bars,
water and 4 cups of tea
Hey Sharon Kim, you sound like your definately back on track hun - how's it going?

I really enjoy my Atkins bar (the nut one!), but do you find if you have 2 in a day you need to "go" more!?!? I note on the wrapper that "excessive use" can lead to a laxitive affect! I might reduce it to one a day now...but I really love them!

Take care x
yes i think im going to be better of doing atkins than cs, and yes the bars do make you go but that could be a good thing lol
atkins bar
salad with 2 slices of ham and sprinkling of grated cheese (beetroot + balsamic dressing)


have had awful heartburn today so not had all the snacks
My first day
choc shake
no time for morning snack
fudge bar
ounce almonds
chicken stir fry
may possibly have a few blueberries and a splodge of cream in a bit

Have walked for 2 hours with doggy too !
I have had.........

Breakfast: CS shake
Lunch: Low carb meal replacement bar, which was HEAVEN - tasted soo good, like a double chocolate fudge!
Dinner: 2 skinless chicken breast in a honey mustard glaze with mushrooms and fresh chopped tomartoe.....yummy
Evening snack: 4 little chicken wings