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Advice needed - mixed up!!

Hi everyone - just looking for some objective thoughts. I am a returner of three weeks and I have been eating something everyday as well as taking my 4 packs (ho hum :eek: )This is giving me a loss of around 1 1/2 lbs per week which I am quite happy with. I have 4 1/2 stones to lose. LLC is disappointed with my progress which makes me feel a failure (not good) and of course I compare my losses to others in the group. The reason I wish to remain is that I find the counselling invaluable in helping sort my head out. :eek: The group is an hours drive away. Any ideas what to do?
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If you want an honest opinion I would be very disappointed if I was spending all that money and driving for an hour and not getting the speedy results that you expect with LL. The counselling is good but the whole point of total abstinence is to remove the food so you can concentrate on the issues you have with it. I liken it to being an alcoholic, if you've got a problem like an addiction then the only way you're going to get over it is by removing it. I hope this makes sense? If you're happy with a 1-2lb weight loss each week then Slimming World would probably suit you better. I know that now they are much more into CBT than they ever use to be. If you don't like the idea of having to think for yourself food wise you could use something like Diet Chef where all you food is delivered to you and it costs less than LL a month. You could maybe combine SW with DC so you have the focus of having to go and be weighed every week and the support it offers.
I hope this helps a bit?
or you could do lighterlife lite. your still having something to eat (ketogenic foods) and having the counselling. i know i wouldnt be happy paying 66 pound per week and buying food to lose 1 n a half pounds per week. im an all or nothing kinda gal. at least with lite youd be eating the right foods so your learning bout trigger foods, portion control, etc and still losing a lot per week? take care xx
Thank you so much for your responses. It helps just to know that someone is out there. Yes I do understand that my behaviour is a bit confused. I shall give serious thought to Slimming World. There is a group local to me. LLLite would be ideal but they only allow you if your BMI is under 30. If I continue with things the way they are I can see myself giving up the LL group which would be a great pity cos the LLC is a fantastic help. I suppose I don't feel I can face total abstinence again. I shall have to decide soon cos shelling out all that cash every week and driving for hours is a bit much. :rolleyes:


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I completely hear you on that. Total abstinence can be hard. I've been on the program since September and I was absolutely fine till about mid December. I was 100% abstinent but then my weight loss slowed right down for no apparent reason. We decided then (me and my LLC) I'll go on Lite which I found a lot more difficult. To be honest since then I have been struggling big time. I keep going back and forth. From Total to Lite and back. I'm about 20lbs from my goal and I'm finding it more and more difficult to lose. I'm bored of the packs and the fact that I can't have solid food. I have to say that part of me is starting to think that perhaps moving on to rtm now or a different diet might be an option for me. The last thing I want is to drop out completely because that way I'm just setting myself up for a failure.
I'm petrified I'll put the weight back on but the way I feel now is stopping me from continuing with abstinence.
I'm on my way to see my LLC now do I will discuss options. LL is amazing but sometimes it's just not suitable for everyone. At the end of the day it's all about finding what works for you in a particular situation.
Good luck with whatever you decide.
Either way you CAN lose weight on any reasonable weight loss program IF you put your mind to it and commit!
The Power Lies Within You!!!

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Thanks for your response magiclove. I'm so messy just now that I hardly feel in a good place to be of any help but anyway - from my observation people who go on RTM with some weight to lose always regret it cos it is really hard to lose that last bit. If it were me with just (?!) 20 lbs to go I would absolutely stick with it. One of the things we have learned with LL is BOUNDARIES around what we eat. Have you considered having only packs through the week and adding a low carb healthy meal each day of the weekend?(I am seriously considering this, or something similar) or of some other strategy that you can stick to. Packs are boring after a while but hey being 20 lbs overweight(or 60lbs in my case ) is blooming boring ;) I feel that getting every surplus pound off is important - they just seem to attract more!!!!! And also there would be a bit of a feeling of having failed, if you are anything like me! I really find the LL group work great and if I could just up my weekly losses a bit (2 1/2 would be perfect) while having some healthy food every week I would be happy. Not having a set plan really messes the mind up :confused:


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Yeah I hear you hun. I will stick with it I decided! It is hard though esp because I have been doing it for a long time hun. I may have 'only' 20ish lbs to go but I'm also 60lbs down now so I have been where you are now. And if I can do it anyone can! So now that you gave me the advice to stick with LL I am going to give you the same advice back! ;)
Lets do it hun! :)
Yes I am really going to stick with it in my own way ie having a couple of healthy meals on predecided days - this chopping and changing makes me anxious. I don't care if it takes a bit longer just as long as I get there and stay there. I think we both need to settle down and get on with it! Am off to have a foodpack now :)
magiclove said:
Yeah I hear you hun. I will stick with it I decided! It is hard though esp because I have been doing it for a long time hun. I may have 'only' 20ish lbs to go but I'm also 60lbs down now so I have been where you are now. And if I can do it anyone can! So now that you gave me the advice to stick with LL I am going to give you the same advice back! ;)
Lets do it hun! :)
Good!!!!! Magiclove I read your posts all the time and find you really inspirational!! You sing LL praises all the time!!! 20lbs to go!!! Glad you decided to get rid of your crooked thinking!!!! Stick with it!!! And carry on motivating me!

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Lighter Life is a well designed, tried and tested programme to lose weight, then re-introduce food in controlled way which will give us the best chance of maintaining the weight loss.
It works, it really does, but only if you are committed and stick with it.
If you think you can design something that works better then why not start something different.
I don't really understand how people do LL, lose loads of weight, think it's great and then decide to mess about with it.
If you just need the CBT then there are other ways to get that.
Mags, I'm glad you've decided to stick with it. I think your weight loss may have slowed down for a couple of reasons:
1. You are getting nearer to your goal
2. You are building up the amount of exercise you are doing and
using up so many calories, but you aren't putting many in. Your body will be trying to distribute those few calories everywhere. I think the advice is to limit the exercise until you reach goal and then gradually increase as you re-introduce food. Of course it is your choice, but it could be why you are feeling different about LL nowadays?
Happydays said:
Pearl77, you have this exactly! It is crooked thinking. (In my case I think it is warped!!!) Straighten the thinking out = straighten the mind out. :D
Happydays, stick with it babes, I did it for 26 weeks a few years ago, followed it to the tee and lost 6 stone, it's amazing the the thoughts you have, here's one, my sister followed Cambridge, so no CBT, I was on LL at the same time, she would never turn around and say, 'that's it I've had enough I'm coming off' instead she would sabotage things, I'll never forget, this one day she had a bit of a breakdown at work, stresses at home etc. Normally she would eat her way through it, but this time she couldn't, I'd say go have Bath, go for a bike ride, you know, find another way to vent things, so she has this break down thing at work, the stresses weren't major, just day to day rubbish, anyway she gets sent straight to the doctor, and you know what comes next don't you, she tells the doctor she's on vlcd, he tells her to stop, not doing her any good, messing with her emotions, so there's her excuse! Doctor said to stop!!! I wouldn't of even told them I were on packs, but there you go, she was fine the next day, got a take away inside her and all those problems disappeared!

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Pearl77, I lost 5 1/2 st in 23 weeks 2 years ago but never reached target or did RTM. Your sister's plight rang some bells with me - any excuse to mess about with the plan! I really need to get my head in gear. Managed packs and water yesterday - no messing about :rolleyes:
Yay!! Well done! And 5 1/2 stone too! At least you know what to expect this time! I could of easily caved today, coming to the end of day 3 and really felt rough, but had some painkillers and a little snooze feel better!! Stick with it and remember how you felt after that 5 1/2 stone, it's the only thing keeping me going today!!

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