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Advice please?


To infinity and beyond!
Hi ,

I am on day 2 of CD, SSing, everybody was helpful with advice on Sunday, so I am looking for more help.
A friend gave me some CD products as she is no longer following CD, different flavour shakes and bars, also some water flavouring. I remember (I think) reading that you shouldn't have bars (or was it just cranberry and peanut bars) during the first two weeks.
What about the water flavourings?

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The Diet Guy
Hiya Holly

Assume you are under a counsellor though and not doing the diet without their support and guidance.

Anyway the answer is avoid the flavourings for the first 14 days to make sure ketosis has fully kicked in and then you will be set.

Also check the dates on the packs as important they are not over their BB4 date.



To infinity and beyond!
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am with a counsellor and could of course ring and ask her, I only met her last night for the first time, but she seems very nice and approachable. I thought she might think it was cheeky when I am buying stuff from her.
She didn't sell me any bars, so I take it they are off the menu for the moment too?


The Diet Guy
Yeah afraid so for the first two weeks, the idea is that getting into ketosis as quick as possible is the key as it is such a duvet of hunger protection and as some of the bars have a lot more carb in them it can slow the process.

But after 2 weeks you can have one bar a day so something to look forward to!! Just make sure you drink loads of water this week as it really helps keep the weight moving as well as generally making you feel a lot better on the diet.

Mad diet but it works :)



To infinity and beyond!
Thanks for the help, struggling with water, but know it is all for a good cause. Should just fit another pint in b4 bed!!


Silver Member
I find the water difficult, too.

I try to get much more down me during the early part of the day. If I drink too much in the evening I need the loo three/four times during the night. A real pain!

Good luck.


To infinity and beyond!
I think that is my trouble. I work in a secondary school and so it is really only possible for toilet trips at break and dinner, or if you are absolutley dying in between lessons. Consequently I have to monitor water intake in the day and then try and drink more when I get home,

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