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Advice please

xx Cathy xx

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Hiya would really appreciate some advice on a little problem I've been having. I've been on LT 100% since mid March so don't think its "early days" prob.

Started with really bad pressure headache last night, this morning its still bad and feeling really dizzy/faint. As day has gone on its gradually got worse (mum's tramadol is not even touching it) and keep feeling motion sickness when I move as still faint. I had my soup earlier but wanted advice as whether to persevere with the shakes or have small protein/low carb based meal to see if it helps with the dizzyness and nausea.

Would really appreciate your thoughts thanks x
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xx Cathy xx

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I drink about 4 litres through out the day x


No longer a redhead though!

Lisa x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Really hope not!, I have that depo jab every 12 weeks to stop that one lol. Tried ringing my pharmacy but the only lady who is trained for LT wasn't in, tried the LT helpline but they were closed. Decided to have small amount of tuna and cucumber to rule out LT making me feel bad. I stopped feeling sick afterward but the heads still pounding and I'm still unsteady so will ask the docs tomorrow morning if I'm still same.
Whereabouts is your headache? Is it near your ears? Could be a ear infection, that can make people feel sickly and dizzy.


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hiya very simalar thing happened to me last time on lipotrim and i fainted a few times and ended up comming off it as i run my own playschool alone and couldnt take the chance of it happening when i had the kids i went to the doc that monday and he told me it was just because i had lost so much weight so quickly that my body wasnt getting a chance to get used to it and i was loosing more he also said i neednt have come off it i just needed to slow down a bit (as i was running around like a lunatic cleaning cleaning even everyone elses house not just my own)if you feel you need to eat try sticking to chicken and protein like that so you wont come out of ketosis

xx Cathy xx

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Thanks for posts on here, went to doctors this morning and she thinks I may have a virus called labyrinthitis. Basically its inflammation of inner ear and causes vertigo, sickness etc so I'm on paracetamol every 4hrs for the head and just have to wait it out. Looked it up on wikipedia and it said it can last anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of years in some cases! Oh the joys lol

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