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Advice Please!

Hello! I have a small issue...

I've just had my first week weigh in and have lost 10lb, about which I am most pleased! However, I've come to work today without my packs, idiot that I am! I blame the excitement of the scales related happiness this morning! My question is... is going without shakes until 6.30 going to completely throw my system off; has this happened to anyone before?
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I have - drank loads of water, had a coke zero at lunch time and then had a double shake as soon as I got home then another one a couple of hours later.

I didn't feel faint or anything but my stomach rumbled a couple of times!

If you're desperate you could have some chicken or something if you have a shop near you to buy a meal replacement bar!


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Wow well done that's a great weight loss. I would try to get a meal replacement bar if you have a supermarket close by.

Otherwise going without til you get home should be ok as a one off. I have done it and been fine except maybe felt a little light headed.
you can nip to asda and buy their measure up bars hun
Not always the most fun but can you do it just sticking with water, Dr Pepper Zero, etc. I forgot to take one out for lunch the other day and just stuck with water and green tea until I got back in the evening, had my soup, then about half an hour later had a bar.
Well done on your 1st weeks loss, that's amazing!

Alot of the time I dont even have my first shake til 6-7pm because I like to eat late and it's in the evenings I feel hungry so I have them all late.
It wont do you any harm.
If you do get peckish try and pop to a supermarket and get a meal replacement bar.


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well done on the loss!

I did this last Thursday - forgot to bring anything out with me. I just drank loads of water and also had two bottles of Coke Zero. Then as soon as I got home, had a shake immediately followed by one an hour later. Was really hungry (but wasn't in K anyway) but it was just the one day and I coped, didn't pass out or anything!
i did it yesterday too but just my luck asda didnt have any bars so i travelled 11 miles home to pick one up went back out and still didnt eat the flipping thing till i got home! lol
Oh thank you all so much! It actually hasnt been too bad, I've just stuck to the water so far as I have such a sweet tooth that if I drank any sort of fizzy drinks it's just send me into a spiral of sugary badness!

Oh and thanks, I'm delighted with the loss!

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