Advice regarding add a meal...

Hi as i've said in the newbie forum i'm on day one today and absolutely starving, i've been drinking water when hungry and have had just shy of 8 litres, so i'll be up all night on the toilet!
Has anybody got any advice regarding the add a meal week, someone has suggested I skip add a meal week for the first few months as I have a _lot_ to lose, is this safe?
Hiya, although its a personal decision, I wouldnt recommend skipping will need to eat eventually so need to learn about portions etc along the way.

Also, I believe the official guidlines from CD state that if you want to skip AAM you must have your doctors permission.

I think AAM is a rellay important part of the program and can sometimes kickstart your metabolism....I have had my best losses on or just after my AAM weeks and because the portions are so small you remain in ketosis so dont have to worry about the hunger pangs.

Can I ask who suggested you skip AAM???
Those first few days are tough aren't they, but stick with it.

As for AAM. You may feel completely different when you get to it. It won't take you out of ketosis, so you shouldn't get hungry with it if you weigh out the portions correctly that is.

Don't make any decisions yet. I did AAM, and am really pleased I did, as I felt it helped me further along the track :)
Your weightloss wouldn't be affected during AAM week... some people have even found they lose more the following week... the AAM week is there because it means you do not have to visit the doctors for a check up every fifth week...

Having said that I did miss out AAM - although recently I have done the occasional AAM day.. I wasn't worried about the weightloss... but I didn't feel right at the time eating food.. I loved SS and wanted to SS to the end (although i had two AAM meals last week and three the week before...) If you decide to miss AAM you need to go and have check up every fifth week with ur GP or practice nurse
Hi Lady Fluff Star:)

If you're asking about Add A Meal Week then I guess you are on Cambridge Diet like me?

I'm not a Cambridge Diet Counsellor but I know that skipping AAM is not recommended. It is there for a reason and an important part of the programme.

I too have a lot to lose still, almost 8 stone but I knoiw from past experience and from other members experiences that you will still see very good weight losses by following the programme to the letter.

Hope this helps and please post as much as you want about this and ask questions. I'm sure one of our CDC's will be here very soon to advise you.

There are varying views on this subject. OFFICIALLY you're supposed to do AAM every 5 weeks unless you get a doctor's note to say you can SS continuously.

AAM in itself won't interfere with weight loss as it's only a small meal and so technically it's still classed as a VLCD (i.e under 800 cals)

That said, I didn't do AAM for 6 months and I'm glad I didn't. It all went pear shaped for me when I did. I might get flamed for saying that but it's my own experience: it's not meant to influence anyone else's decision. Only YOU can know what your own relationship with food is like - for me, a complete and total break was the only way.

I took a break in October and have never ben able to get fully back into SSing since so Im moving over to Rosemary Conley to finish the job.

Good luck with whatever you decide (in collaboration with your CDC / doctor of course) - the difference in weight loss on AAM is, apparantly, negligable so don't let that worry you. You just have to be mega focused and strong knowing it's only for a week and you're going back to SSing: something I could never quite do.
See....3 post to you about this just while I was typing my reply!!!! That's Minimins for you
Yup, that does seem rather a lot of water !!

Try for 5 ltrs max hun, anymore seems to be too much, can give you leg cramps and the runs!