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After watching last nights 'programme'


I was told it doesnt matter what time you have your last shake i have it as late as 10pm when my kids have gone to bed..and ive still managed to lose just over a stone in 2 weeks ..i think they mean carby solid foods.

You will be fine x


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I was really surprised by last nights programme and how many diet myths came out of the Drs mouth, and so much of what she has said was out of date. There have been numerous studies done on eating patterns - here is an extract from one:

"When total calories are kept constant, does eating at night (whether
just before bed or in the middle of the night) lead to weight gain?...

A 1997 review article summarizing the results of past research
concluded that meal frequency - whether during the day or at night -
had no clear effect on body weight. That is, people who chose to eat
frequently, regardless of the time of day, had no higher rate of
obesity than those who ate fewer large meals.

There are many more like this

In a study of more than 2,000 middle-aged men and women, 9% of women
and 7.4% of men described 'getting up at night to eat.' Overall, there
was no difference in weight gain between those who did and those who
did not. A study in 2004 of more than 800 men and women noted that the
more people ate in the morning, the less they tended to eat during the
course of a day, while people who ate more at night tended to eat more
overall. A trial from January 2005 found that eating late at night was
not associated with weight gain even among people with 'night eating


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cool, thanks for that

i wasnt impressed with the way CD was portrayed last night on that programme, i sat here saying to my hubby 'thats soo not true', 'well thats not right'

it has made me more aware of the amount of water that i need to force down tho, although i'm just about managing the 2.25L a day i think its a case of the more the better.
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