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Total Solution Aiming for the Olympics!


Starting tomorrow - first day back at work after the NY holiday; Hubbie & Son start new business tomorrow so a new start for us all. :D

I've 2 weeks of supplies left from an earlier (failed) attempt to shift the flab, and have ordered my next lot so it'll get here in time I hope!

I'm waiting to hear if I've been accepted as an Olympic Volunteer for July/August - so THAT will be my target! Can't have me being fat then - certainly NOT a good example to set! :eek:

I'll post my stats tomorrow.

Wish me luck!
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good luck hunni

you can do this just keep linked into the site for support :)

well done in your first steps to losing the weight :)


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Good luck! For the volunteering and the weight loss :)


Day 1 went well - found it hard to get the (plain) water down me, coz it was freezing at work, so plenty of black tea / coffee / decaf was the order of the day.

My next order apparently due today (got email) so I'll have some peach flavouring in that to assist me.

Onwards & upward!
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Day 2 (yesterday) - Managed at work with just a Shake today.

Left early coz my next lot of packs were being delivered. They arrived bang on time, so tore the box open & found my peach drink. Wonderful! Flavour!

Had my bar & soup in the evening. Felt hungry but distracted myself & survived!

Good girl Rimini! :)


Day 3 - Had a really busy day today, so was totally distracted & had just my Shake at lunchtime (plus copious quantities of black coffee & water).

Home to find son & hubbie frying onions off (agh!) for a Tuna Pasta dish. Cruel! Distracted myself with Bear Grylls (yummy!) and now have a hot peach drink & my bar. Soup still to go.

Not as bad as I expected today so well chuffed so far. Had real 'Brain Fog' all day though - drove my colleagues mad with lack of remembering stuff! This'll clear soon tho (won't it?), so still good.




Went away for the w/e & permitted myself to eat food!

Stuck to meat & salad, but am absolutely STARVING today & have to re-kick the ketosis back. Nothing else planned for a while so I'll crack it this week & then be OK for a good few weeks.

Last time I attempted this & 'failed' I tried to be 100% all the time & cracked - so this time I've given myself permission to 'break' the 100% ing if I have an occassion on - like this past w/e - then I don't feel deprived & don't lose it.

Hopefully - I REALLY can't stay obese like this.



Still hanging in & have stuck with it.

Off out with a pal tomorrow who 'knows' VLCDs, so expecting LOADS of support.

Ketosis by tomorrow night, I hope.