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All stocked up ready to get through the night


time to get focused
Hey hon

Did last night go OK?


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we are all waiting with excitement to find out how you have done!!!!


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may i ask what you had to eat? did you drink your berry water and cd bar? or other stuff?


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if you are taking a sleeping tablet, shouldnt you be asleep? sorry if im sounding really daft here.....

if your sleeping tablets are not working, why take them? maybe do what you said and not have them for a few days and see...

i think its a habbit you have also gotten yourself into.. which it just takes some sheer will power.. (something i cant really comment on at the moment) and its just take one night at a time...
dont get out of bed... stay in bed and have what you have next to you... and then do something in bed... dont let yourself out... will power is the only thing to get you through this....
aw hon.. i think you are going to have to talk this through with a professional.... think your emotional stuff has got you in a loop at the moment.
I agree with Kes - only you can stop yourself doing this. Sorry if I sound out of line I really don't mean to (and its only as I've done it myself) but you seem to be blaming lots of things and not admitting there is a problem with food there. I think you should address why your eating in the night as its not normal really. Maybe, do this before you think about the diet and when you have found out that answer you may be able to stick to the plan better xxxx