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Ally's Diary - take two

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Ally89, 4 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member


    My old diary is in the diaries section, but I feel its time to start a new. For the last 2 months I haven't stuck to plan, I've been struggling dealing with everything, i found myself binge eating again, unable to fight my depression off. Thankfully in the 2 months I have have been drifting along, i have only put on a few pound thankfully.

    Anyway, so as I said i resorted back to binge eating, and by that i mean, 4 or 5 chocolate bars in one sitting, a stack of biscuits and anything else unhealthy i could get my hands on, barely moving off the sofa at home or office chair in work. How I have not put more than 3 pounds on i'm not sure. But talking to my best friend/guy who possibly wants to be my boyfriend yesterday, I think finally I am ready to at least try and get back into some kind of normality and it kind of struck me that if I am to have any chance of getting on meds for my PCOS that don't either turn me into more or a manic depressive than I already am or cause migraines, then i need to get my butt into gear and get this last 3 stone lost. So first thing first is breaking my binging, so that means getting back onto slimming world, and I am also attempting to get my creative side back into action to stop me eating for the shear hell of it, yesterday I made a soft toy dragon, today I have started another one, I have new knitting naterials on order and a few cross stitches to do, should keep me busy and keep my mind off food.

    So, those of you that don't know me, hey, I am Ally (well Alison if you must use my full name), I love music (especially rock, punk and metal, though as my friend got baffled by yesterday I will listen to anything (he found it amusing when one second i was listening to bruno mars and next bullet for my valentine)), crafts, computers and books. I work as a web designer (yes a female web designer shock horror), do a bit of photography, put my hand to all kinds of crafts, love to read, have an obsession with vampires and mythical stuff, own two mad pet rats and I am obsessed with gigs (nothing like a good night out at a gig). Just to warn you, I have an obsession with the band Bowling For Soup who I have met multiple times (i've been hugged and kissed 3 times by the lead singer now and he knows me by name), and I tend to mention them at least twice to day to anyone who will listen (or aren't listening in most cases)

    So theres a bit about me if you don't know me...and if you do already know me I HAVE RETURNED.

    So lets get down to it, my weigh in is saturday morning at home, I don't go group and not a member on line anymore (though my saturday weigh in has carried on from when i was online). I wasn't exactly on plan yesterday though I was better than I i've been in ages. Today I have been on track though

    Red Day
    Breakfast - All bran choc crunch (HEb and some from A), melon
    Lunch - Bacon and cheese sandwich (HEb, 1 syn butter, 1/2 HEa for cheese slice), grapes
    Tea - Chicken, bacon and and prawn omelette/fritatta type thing topped with cheese (1/2 HEa) with salad
    Snacks - Milky way funsize (3.5 syns), freddo (5 syns), spearmint sweet x2 (4 syns)

    Total syns = 13.5
    Last edited: 4 November 2012
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  3. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Welcome back lovely lady! :) x

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  4. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Thanks dear

    So I am still on track, I always find it harder in work, cake there, biscuits here, chocolate offered by someone, crisps by someone else...bored of programming i sneak in a hot chocolate...but today so far i have stuck to it, apart from the sneaky curly wurly, it was the last one in my draw from last week so i was getting rid of it :D

    Red Day
    Breakfast - Cheese on toast (HEa and b)
    Lunch - Ham and Egg salad, banana, clementine
    Tea - Teriyaki chicken and stir fry veg, grapes, kiwi
    Snacks, clementine, curly wurly (6 syns), banana, WW biscuits (4.5 syns), hot choc with marshmallows (4), 2x alpen lights (HEb)

    Total syns = 14.5
    Last edited: 5 November 2012
  5. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    I just got bit by one of my rats for the first time ever....i'll remember to keep the last marshmallow for myself next time!
  6. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    So I am going another Gig tonight, hopefully be getting me some body magic in, standing at a Motorhead gig, lets hope I don't leave with an broken bones as has been known to happen before when i've been trapped in a mosh pit. Being good and taking my own food to eat before the gig.

    Green Day
    Breakfast - Weetabix (HEb and some from a for milk), banana and honey (1 syn)
    Lunch - Mugshot and fruit
    Tea - Egg Sandwiches (1 syn mayo, 1 syn butter, HEb) and fruit and whatever else i can find in my car
    Snacks - clementine, vanilla options hot choc (2 syns), weight watchers biscuits (4.5 syns)

    Total syns- 9.5
    Last edited: 6 November 2012
  7. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Drifted slightly off plan yesterday, didn't do too bad though, my sandwiches got a little damaged to i ended up buying prepacked on the motorway services and had a packet of crisps too. Better than the burger king i was considering having. The gig was good, was at the front until part way through second support which was insanely rough and i injured my leg, from there i decided to move back....i now have a bandaged knee, i have a weak knee anyway due to an injury so it didnt do it any good!

    Red Day
    Breakfast- Toast (HEb and 2 syns butter)
    Lunch- Mini quiches and salad, banana
    Tea - Gammon and wedges (only ate 1 as wedge as i wasn't hungry so just going to class as 2 syns)
    Snacks - clementine, banana, ww pack of biscuits x2 (9)

    Total syns- 13
  8. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Right, now I am officially back. I've been struggling the last few months and just pretty much gave up on slimming world, chocolate was pretty much ruling my life. But now its new year and new start, after a week off work I think I finally have my head in the right place again. So I've renewed my online subscription to slimming world since that seemed to help last time, house it pretty much empty of junk food, i have a new wii fit board and set to start kickboxing in a few weeks. Now on the downside...I'm pretty much back to the same weight I was when i started last january. 9 months to get a stone off, 3 months to pile it back on. Thank you cadburys for inventing chocolate. So yep, I am back. Doing a Green Day today.

    Breakfast - BBQ Beans on toast, banana
    Lunch - Batchelors savoury rice, muller light, apricot x2
    Tea - Cheese omelette and beans, plum

    HEa - 250ml semi skimmd milk
    HEa - 250ml semi skimmed milk
    Heb - 1 slice 800g wholemeal bread
    HEb - 2 dairylea light cheese slices

    Syns - 25g Pringles 6.5 syns, coconut options 2, marshmallows 1
    Free snacks - apricot
    Last edited: 1 January 2013
  9. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Happy New Year Ally. I've been AWOL too for ages. 1st day back for months. So depressing that it goes back on so easily and is such a struggle to lose. Think I'm going to have a goat slimpods in earnest this time. Tried them with SW last time and not sure it works that way. Maybe you should try their chocaholic pod lots of reviews say it's really effective.

    Anyway hope to be on here more again and I wish you all the best with your endeavours. :D
  10. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Might have to try that PP, if theres one thing i struggle to break its my chocolate addiction, pretty sure its worse than being addicted to alcohol!
    Last edited: 1 January 2013
  11. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Fairly certain my body has gone into detox mode. Stomach ache and feeling sick since last night, yesterday was my first day in months without any chocolate (except the hot chocolate), i've been eating at least 2 bars a day most days since november, or sweets or cake or anything high sugar, but I had none of that yesterday, didn't even crave it. I still have a few Viscounts, 3 bags of doritos and a few tunnocks caramel bars in my desk draw from before xmas, but so far today i've not been tempted by any of it, in the last few weeks before xmas i would have eaten all that by now.

    Having a red day

    Breakfast - (was feeling sick so didnt have much) 2 alpen lights, muller light coconut
    Lunch - Ham sandwiches, banana, 2x apricots
    Tea - bacon, egg and linda mccartney red onion sausages.

    HEa - 250ml milk
    Hea - 250ml milk
    Heb - 2x alpen lights
    Heb - 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread

    Syns - light butter 2, viscount 3.5, ketchup 1, 2x thorntons chocs 5, options hot choc 2, marshmallows 1
    Free Snacks - apple, prepacked fruit salad (melon, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, orange)
    Last edited: 2 January 2013
  12. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Good job we are going shopping tonight, we are pretty much out of food, so green day it is since thats pretty much all we have stuff for

    Breakfast - 2 weetabix and banana
    Lunch - Egg sandwiches, banana, grapes
    Tea - Pasta, beans and cheese

    HEa - 250ml milk
    HEa - 45g rf cheese
    HEb - 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread
    HEb - 2 weetabix

    Syns - Butter 2, Viscount x2 7, 3 special k ( i think) cracker crisps 0.5
    Free Snacks - prepacked fruit (melon, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, orange)
    Last edited: 3 January 2013
  13. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Not amused, my apricots gone off when i got it out my lunch box. I was looking forward to that apricot :(
  14. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    Hey there. Just wanted to say good luck on your weight loss journey :) I'm also a designer!! And I've also met Bowling for Soup a few times! And my boyfriend also thinks I'm a bit mad because my playlists can literally go from the kinks to take that to beethoven and so forth! I'm also sorry to hear about your apricot :( Hope the rest of the week goes well for you though! x
  15. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Hi, thanks. Yay another female designer and yay for BFS :D Haha, nothing wrong with being diverse in your music choices i say :p Still annoyed about my apricot (ok i'm not that annoyed anymore :p)
  16. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    I keep thinking its weigh in day tomorrow, i'm so used to weighing on a saturday morning. Must resist urge to get on scales in the morning, don't want to turn into a serial weigher again!

    I'm back to craving plums, so i must buy some at lunch if the markets open. Anyone that read my old diary will know i get plum cravings, beginning to think that craving replaces my chocolate one which isn't a bad thing i guess.

    First Extra Easy day of the week today

    Breakfast: 2 weetabix and banana
    Lunch: chicken and ham salad, banana, grapes, apricot
    Tea: Prawn stir fry and noodles

    HEa: 250ml milk
    HEb: 2 weetabix

    Syns: 2x jaffa cakes 5, 4 wine gums 3, Special K Cracker Crisps 4.5
    Free Snacks: apple, apricot, melon kiwi grapes and banana topped with muller coconut yog
    Last edited: 4 January 2013
  17. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Does lugging a desk around and emptying/refilling desk and disconnecting/connecting a computer class as body magic...i hope so cos i just spent the last half an hour doing that.
  18. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    If anyone hasn't tried the Special K Cracker Crisps i would highly recommend them. I bought a box in Tesco for a £1 last night...weighed 23g out tonight and you get a fair lot for 23g and they are yummy. And only 4.5 syns for 23g nom.
  19. MelScarlet

    MelScarlet Full Member

    I keep wondering about those , might have to give them a try. At the moment I've been satisfying my crisp cravings with Sweet chili velvet crunch and aldi's own quavers.

    Good to see I'm not the only one that crafts to help them not eat :)
  20. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    They are really nice, get a good bowl full of them, definitely looks like they should be more than 4.5 syns so makes me feel naughty haha.

    Yeah, crafts are the best thing to take my mind of eating, and i've started doing my photography again so hopefully with that it will work in some body magic as well as creativity :p
  21. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    My stepper for the wii fit board arrived this morning, lifts the board a few inches for step aerobic type things, will be testing that on ea sports active later see if it makes the aerobics any more difficult. And i now have a wireless nunchuck...no more tripping over the wire on certain activities :D

    Breakfast: boiled egg and soldiers, apricot and grapes
    Lunch: Ploughmans (ham, lettuce, cucumber, cottage cheese, grapes, apple, and 25g reduced fat mature cheese)
    Tea: steak, chips and veg

    Hea: half cheese, half milk
    Heb: 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread

    Syns: 25g rf cheese 4, Skinny cow ice lolly 4.5
    Free snacks: WW toffee yog
    Last edited: 5 January 2013

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