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I joined the Xenical forum last week, but thought I would start my own diary now in a bid to write down when I have good and bad days and also keep track of my (hopefully) huge weight losses (well a girl can dream...). ;)

Quick introduction - my name is Karen, I am married with 4 children (18, 13 and 2 x 7 year olds). I work full time but am luckily based at home.

I have struggled forever with my weight and can do really well for a few weeks (mainly on SW), then always let life get in the way and I fall off the rails.

I've been on the blue tablets since last Wednesday and feel great at the moment, not had any blips so far and feel really enthusiastic and very focused. At the moment I wouldn't dream of cheating and really hope I can keep this frame of mind.

My first target is to lose 2 stone before 16 September when we will be going away for the weekend.

I have my first weigh in next Tuesday and am (at the moment) really looking forward to it.

I am going camping at the weekend so a little worried over what I can eat as we will be with another family who will proably want fish and chips etc.

Anyhow, thank you so far for the welcome and support offered and hope to give some support/advice back when I can.

Karen :D
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Welcome and good luck! The forum had really helped my loss journey and everyone here is amazingly supportive!



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Hi Karen,

It's great keeping a diary, it's proven that people who keep a diary while trying to loss weight do better than those that don't :)

You're doing really well, keep it up and good luck for weigh in :)
Having a good day foodwise, need to do some exercise though.

B Sultanas, Special K Oats & Honey
L WW soup, 50:50 roll, 2 extra light laughing cow

Total cals: 533, total fat 7

Just organised with a friend to go to a zumba class on Monday. Wanted to try one for ages, but didn't want to go by myself, hopefully will be a good laugh if nothing else!
Hi Karen, just popping in to say welcome, and good luck :)

Let us know how you get on at Zumba - I've always fancied it, but haven't found the right class yet.
I'm the kind of person who can easily talk her way out of doing exercise if there's some kind of excuse (class is too late....too far to travel...blah blah blah!)



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welcome and good luck!!

Zumba is a lot of fun!! hurt my hips too much though.... but i do have problems with my hips, so that was going to happen!
Thank you ladies. Yes, I can usually manage to be talked out of doing exercise too!

I've been doing Wii Fit running for half an hour in my lunch breaks - no excuses though I only have to walk into the living room ...
Off camping later, a bit worried about what I will eat this weekend, feel like its a bit out of my control, but will endeavour to do my best!

Have a good weekend everybody.


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Have fun camping!
Well, just back from camping, had a good time.

Food wise it was quite tricky as we were with other people. Friday night everybody wanted KFC, so on the way I managed to go to a garage with an M&S Food bit in it and got a sandwich and salad that were within the rules. Saturday morning everybody did a massive fry up. I had a piece of toast with no butter and a couple of tomatoes.

We went to the seaside later on and everybody wanted Harry Ramsdens, so I nipped off for a bit and had a jacket potato and tuna (no mayo) and had a cup of tea in Harry Ramsden's while all around were eating the most delicious looking fish and chips:cry:. The only time I cheated a little was in the evening when I had a sandwich with a tiny bit of butter. By this time I was hungry and didn't want to make a fuss, so just ate in (plain chicken in it).

If it was just me and my family going it would have been OK, we would have taken our own food and it would have been much easier. But, I got through it and have my first weigh in on Tuesday.



Not such a fat kat now :)
Oh well done you should be so proud of yourself . What willpower . Go girl :) :)
Thank you ladies.

A good day today foodwise, for dinner made a shepherds pie and had it without the mash (butter in it and cheese on top) though I haven't drunk enough water over the least couple of days. Must do better tomorrow...

Really hope I have a good weigh in tomorrow. Am feeding very focused and hope I can keep this frame of mind as long as possible.
I struggle with water intake I really must improve too!'

Well done on a good day!! And good luck with the wi tomorrow!! Xx


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If you have android, you can download a water app for your phone, every glass you have, just give it a tap!... i'll try and find the links for the apps I use :)

I have my water in 1.5 litre bottles, take a bottle everywhere, you'll be surprised how much you can drink without noticing.
I try to add it to mfp but its just remembering to drink it in the first place!!
Especially at work - im useless i always find things that are more important - BOOORING lol xx
Thanks ladies, like the sound of the app. Had my first weigh in and have lost 8 bls. Sounds daft but a little bit disappointed, I thought I had lost a bit more than that. Still, 8 lbs is really good and determined to get at least the same for the next weigh in in two weeks.

K x


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are you mad woman!!...8lbs sis brilliant, and tbh I wouldn't expect to see that much on Xencial...so make the most of it and be proud!