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Alpaca's stream of consciousness - IS BACK ON THE WAGON!


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Hi everyone! I thought it was about time I started something on here... I can't promise a regular update - mostly cos work will get in the way as it always does...

I started Atkins on 10th May. Mostly motivated by arthritis which I've been ignoring and hoping would go away but has been progressively getting worse - hands and knees. Hands are dealable but the knees are a killer.

The first month, the weight loss was a frustrating and miserable 10lbs - which seemed crazy as I was in ketotis for pretty much all of it - but, I was forgetting that from day 2 of the diet I got a tooth abscess and was put on antibiotics and then the knee pain got so bad I was put on diclofenac - so I guess these things slow down the weight loss.

Every step has been killing me - and exercise is so miserable. I have a desk job and when I stand up it takes a few minutes before i can start walking - I must look like a complete idiot. The office I work in is populated by 12 year olds (ok, slight exaggeration) and they must think I'm ready for the knackers' yard.

Anyway, now off the antibios and have cut right back on anti-inflams and just taking paracetamols so have noticed more loss. Have now lost 15lbs which is a frigging miracle!!! I'm completely over the moon about it and just hope and pray that it will continue. Pain is still in the knees but I need to lose weight and if the meds were slowing it down then I just can't have them at the moment.

I'm doing it for my knees - I know that - I don't think I could have done it just for me - that's just too alien to me... but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter who or why I'm doing it as long as there is weight loss movement!

I've been nervous about eating too much on the diet which I know is not the mindset of an Atkins A-lister, but its so hard and counter-intuitive - in fact, this diet is completely nuts - but it works!! :)

I've definitely got more energy, feel more alert and healthier - and my BP the other day was not bad at all - 135/84. I know that's high but I think it was higher last year.

I've just been researching acupuncture for the knees and will give it a go - and post back on here when I've done it.

I love this website - its a very warm, welcoming, accepting place...

Thank you! Di xxx

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Thank you so much Leanne! xxx


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Hi there Di and welcome!

It is a right friendly bunch here, so ask any questions you might have, and post your menus so we can advise you on tips.

I too have a lot to lose, but I tend to wobble/fall right off the wagon when I think about the big numbers. Try to set mini goals for yourself.

Also, it's not necessary to do exercise. Jim (our guru) lost over 10 stone by sticking to clean and green (no sugar free stuff, and lots of green leafy veg) and no exercise. I've just finished reading Barry Groves "Eat fat, get thin!", where he cites lots of studies that showed overwhelmingly that large people who exercised actually put weight on. As you lose weight (and you will, trust me) your joints will become less painful and you will be able to take a stroll much easier.

I know it does fly in the face of what's been so-called nutritional advice for years, but low carb does work and is so much better for you than low fat diets or calorie counting. Read Barry for all the medical info - bought it for £2 on Amazon and it is very easy to read, although it has left me feeling angry at manufacturers like Flora and the others who try to fool us into buying stuff that is made up of yucky things!

Rant over :)



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That's amazing Susie - and thank you for your good advise - I'll definitely get the book ... I know it will take a while before the loss shows but that's fine with me as I would rather not attract attention - and then if I fall off the wagon it's easier! Lol

Well... Food wise today I've had:

2 egg omelette for breakfast with pancetta, a bit of celery chopped in it and some broccoli with a clove of garlic ... Plus a few small cubes of Italian cheese melted through - it was very yummy! Lol

Then had some chicken breast, green mixed leaves and Mayo for lunch

Planning on having salmon and veg for dinner - prob with a bit of lemon juice

I've had a coffee with cream and so far, and about a litre or so of water - will have more during the evening ... I'll sprinkle some flaxseed (milled) over my dinner just to give roughage...

I'm taking extra vitamins and on occasions some Fibrogel.

Thank you for support ... Di :)


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Hi Di. Just wanted to say welcome and good luck so- :welcome:


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Sounds good Di - and you will find it easy to up your water intake, just do small sips often, and you'll get up to 2 litres or more :)


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Thanks Cokes! :)


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Remembering water can be hard... But this diet makes me more thirsty so it's easier than expected! Lol :)


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Hi Di and welcome:)
Agree with susie - you dont need to push the exercise as a weight loss habit as if not careful it can make you hungry and overeat! :eek:

Having said which ...... I have so much energy on atkins i have to go to dance :D
Good luck:)


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Hi Katie... I've got much more energy since starting Atkins ... Just need the joints to agree with me! Ha ha... :)


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Well... I plucked up the courage and went to have acupuncture today at the Asante Chinese college in Archway London.

Lots of needles and surprisingly no pain! Had to keep on the couch with them in for half an hour. Then the Chinese doctor got one of the students to give my knees a deep massage... I felt exhausted after it and couldn't wait to get home to relax... But... I think I'm definitely in less pain than I was... I am feeling cautiously optimistic! Hooray and yippey if I feel like this in the morning as I've not felt this good for over a year!

As for food today:

B ... 2 fried eggs
L ... 90g grilled salmon and some pak choi
D ... 2 egg omelette with broccoli celery Parma ham and chopped cheese plus one garlic clove
S ... About a tablespoon of cream cheese
W ... About 1.5 litre
Ex ... Hmmm - a bit of walking but negligible although if feel like this tomorrow I shall defo get more active!

Didn't weigh myself this morning as I didn't poop... No point as there's no loss for me without a trip to the loo. Lol


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Wow that sounds like it has real potential hun, hope you feel great tomorrow x


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Thanks so much Susie... Hope you're still enjoying the new job? :)


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Yes Day 2 today and really looking forward to it :)
Good Morning Di, i've found your diary now and I'll be stalking you LOL :)


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Stalk away Jim! and thank you for popping by! :)

Today, so far I've had 2 medium fried eggs and 2 rashers of bacon - it really is the very best start to the day. Have had 3 large glasses of water and a green tea.

I need to think about lunch but am at work so I always find sorting lunch out quite difficult - mostly because I'm just a disorganised so-and-so! lol

The knee's a bit more sore today but have stayed away from diclofenac - thanks Jim - and have just taken some paracetamol.

I'm not very used to posting on forums so I feel a bit self-conscious - everyone is so friendly and conversation flows really easily - I'm sure I'll get the hang of it... give me time!! ha ha.

will post later when I've decided what to have for lunch.

I'm reading the book Susie recommended - 'eat fat get thin'... I'm really enjoying it and it is very well researched. There are so many myths and untruths 'out there' about our diet!

Next thing I need to do is work out what foods stall me - I guess that's a process of elimination. But, its really interesting to read what foods stall folk - helps me to figure out if I'm doing something wrong.

I've also realised that I've not told you anything about me. I'm divorced, have 2 children - boy and girl - both in their 30s. My daughter became disabled last year so there's been a huge adjustment for her and for me - she lives with me. Life's been a bit of a struggle, but, for the first time in years I've felt strong enough to start this diet and am SO determined to be successful.

Thank you to everyone on this site for helping and supporting me - its a great place! :)

Morning Di,

Some of the things that can stall people are

Cheese, Citrix, S/F & L/C proudcts and alochol

I never had a problem with booze or citrix but cheese does it for me every time love, not that I need to worry about that any more.


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Hello and good morning! (just!) lol

Thanks for your post Jim. I've read the label on my vits and sucrose is listed. And I'm sure citric acid is buried somewhere on a label.

Can you recommend an Atkins- friendly multi-vitamin I could take?

2lbs lost today - just when I was thinking about exploring another diet option - so the fairy-food-Mother is definitely reading my posts! Lol

Breakfast has been a fried egg and 2 rashers of bacon with coffee and cream.

No idea what I'll eat later - but I'm one happy bunny! ;-)

I can't remember which ones I took Di, all I take now is an Omega 3 fish oil

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