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Am i in ketosis?

hi all, im on my 3rd day now & im feelin better than ever:D the 1st few days i felt like givin up but im in super form now so im defo gona stick at it;) am i in ketosis yet? ive got that weird taste in my mouth & i dont feel as hungry! maybe im jumpin da gun abit but i didnt even get any headaches since i started.. also does anyone find the chicken soup nice? im thinkin about gettin some tomorrow just for a change:confused: want to have something warm as the evenings are gettin cold.. thanks guys x
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I love the chicken soup! Different people prefer different things but i'm also loving the flapjacks where most hate them :) Im not sure if your in ketosis or not but I hope you are just for your sake :D Keep it up xx
I dont like normal chicken soup - so I was very hesitant to give it a whirl! Its not 'thick' like a tin of soup but its more like a cuppasoup. They did fill me though (nearly 100lb overweight, could demolish a family meal for 4 just myself + a toddler!) so on that side theyre fine. They do get quite annoying though. I was having vanilla at breakky, strawberry for dinner and chicken soup for tea - every day for a week - it got annoying this time i'm having chocolate or vanilla at dinner time, flapjack at 4-5pm and soup at 7pm and its doing me alright although I am feeling abit deathly right now (see my diary). Its totally different to me though, one person could love the vanilla others might not, its all down the personal tastes, I would if I was you, get 1 or 2 and see how you go with them. You might find you love them and cant get enough [like me] or you might find theyre disgusting and make you want to take your face for a trip to the loo!
I love the chicken soup, but I have to have more water mixed with it....

My OH was only satisfied after a chicken soup never a shake...

Hope that helps...
yea think i will get just the 2 packs just 2 see.. hope their nice tho cuz i only like the chocolate shake so a change would be nice:) i just got my ticker sorted, took me 2 attemps but i did it whoop whoop lol x
Lol :) Have you tried the other shakes? I prefer the s/berry + vanilla to chocolate lol! See its all about personal tastes. It took me a few attempts with the ticker too :D
i tried both da strawberry & vanilla fizzstar, could not drink them lol im just hoping da soup is nice.. it would make things alot easier but im in good spirits for now.. i have to say this, u look so much like my best friend, infact it was her who got me on to this diet, her sister lost 7 stone on it & looks smashing!! theres defo hope 4 us lol, im just gona take it one day at a time & everyone on here are so nice it makes things alot easier x
I like all the shakes so far and the soup, i have to try the strawberry tomorrow then i will have tried them all :)

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