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Am I the only one who thinks the scales lie?


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From seeing your other post I would say you are feeling pretty down about things right now. Every step you have taken to change things has counted for alot. Looking at your chart you are doing great! I wouldn't get hung up on the details, and if you are, I wonder if deep down you are trying to sabotage any progress you have made? Its easy to do, i do it all the time in many areas of life, its contributed to the reason I am over weight.

Look at the bigger picture and congratulate yourself for having the willpower to go through this! Keep your eyes away from the negative, because really many of us must try to change that constant battering we give ourselves. If we don't we will never break the cycle of love/hate we have for ourselves and we will end up back to square one.

I hope im making sense, what i'm trying to say is you are worth every ounce of effort you put into this.

Keep going and ignore the tiny steps, look at the big ones, and smile because you have achieved so much!

And really...as a newbie (day 4) we need people like you to spur us on!!

Take care of you xx


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Great post Demaris!
Hehehe i can dish it out, but crap at listening to my own advice....hence the being overweight! Time to change all that though ;)
Lol Demaris - I am the same, always full of advice for others but rubbish at taking it myself!!!!

Perfector, you're doing well and it is easy to get hung up on the scales and let it get you down. I had several weeks when I didn't lose much but it's par for the course. If I look at the bigger picture I know there is no way I would have come this far with any other diet and it works. Some weeks on other diets I would have sts or even gained!

Cheer up babe, I'm feeling down too but we are all here for each other and we are all doing something positive about our weight.


P.S My homes scales definitely lie - I can stand on them, get off them get back on again immediately and they would have changed! Perils of buying cheap ones! I stick with the chemists digital ones.

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