Am soooo excited! How Sad!!


Finally...Life begins
I can have bars and mousses after today!! I will collect them when I go for my weigh in tonight!

No-one at work really understands how excited you can get after having two weeks of just soups and drinks!

knew you would all understand tho! :D
I sooooo understand hun, I was bloomin ecstatic! Im in my aam from thursday, dont know if im ecstatic or just plain old scared for that one!!!!!

You will so enjoy the bars, I chop mine up into loads of pieceas and then pop them into the freezer for a bit, makes them last longer.
Much better than 3 mouthfuls.

I love the peanut frozen!!!!
PS, much luck for tonight, cant wait to hear how much youve lost x

Enjoy your bars, I know that feeling well, I only started having the bars at the end of June having started CD on the 30th Jan as they are slightly higher in calories. The new ones and in particular the peanut are gorgeous.
LOL!!.. I was excited the first time i knew I could have bars, it just turned out that when I eventually got them, I liked them initially but eventually went off them.. how odd!!
I don't think I could've stayed on CD for nine whole months without the yummy bars - they make the experience far more bearable for me!

The only ones I tend not to have now are the chocolate, caramel and choc orange (which is odd because those were my favourites at the beginning!)

Now, I just have peanut crunch, cranberry crunch & malt toffee .... <drool drool!>

I haven't had a shake as a mousse but I do use the mix-a-mousse to make a 'free' jelly every day which I have after my soup in the evening. Tastes lovely and having a 'two-course dinner' makes me feel like I've feasted!
If you'd like the jelly recipe then just shout :)

Debbie x
I find the cranberry one really yukky, all i can think of is the dried pieces of soya (i am vegetarian so soya to me = meat) so its like eating hard pieces of cranberry flavoured meat to me.

I know the peanut one also has the soya but I can at least imagine the crunchyness is real peanut. I love the malt toffee bar though!

i cant't wait for the chilli soup to come it sounds lovely!
I lost 6 and a quarter pounds at weigh in on weds!! Woohooo!
I love the mousses but not sure about the bars yet, the choc one was a bit tasteless, but im sure ill grow to love them. its lovely having something to actually eat!