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Am taking up walking again

I'm going to cancel my gym membership as I'm paying £35 per month (which isn't bad) however I'm not actually going and with the credit crunch I need to cut down on unnecessary expenses. The only exercise I do enjoy is walking, so I'm going to make the effort to do more walking. I figure even if I can't sort my diet out, at least my legs might tone up and I might lose inches. (well, at least from the bottom half anyway!). I'm going to aim for an average of 14 miles per week, which is infitiely do-able.

Monday 25th August

3.18m in 62 minutes = 287.4 calories.

10.82 miles to go.
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Good luck with that - why pay for something when you can enjoy yourself and get results for free. Plus your out in the lovely fresh air (sometimes a bit too fresh!)
I've just come back from an hour long walk after school drop off and am absolutely soaked:D
Tuesday 26th August

No walking today. I felt a bit stiff from Monday LOL, Gosh I am so unhealthy!!!
Wednesday 27th August

1.39m in 35 minutes. Walked down t'road to Woolworth's, had a browse, and walked back home. I had thought it was further than that the way I was huffing and puffing and that is mainly on the flat!

9.43m to go in 4 days
Walking and Jogging is great for fitness, weight loss and healthy life, but remember consistency is the Key.
Be Consistent and regular if you want achieve desired Goals.

Sophia Alliee
I find walking great, i walk the dog a mile everynight and a dreading it when its dark by 5 again as im really guna struggle where to take her!


Wannabe Lean!!!
I've done the same thing, can't afford the gym any more so walking round my local park with a friends Dog. It all helps, good luck! x
I've got an imaginary dog. He doesn't stop at every garden gate to sniff it, nor does he keep stopping to wee up against walls, nor do I have to take plastic bags with me to pick up the poo, he doesn't bark menacingly at other dogs and he doesn't keep trying to sniff my crotch LOL

(all the above happened when I took my neighbour's friends Rottweiler for a walk once)
Thursday 28th August

0.71m in total. Not brilliant, I went out for a meal at lunchtime so this was the sum of walking I did from the car to the restaurant and back.

8.72m to do in three days.

Also started diet proper today (again)

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