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Amanda's Downward Spiral.....

Hi ladies and gents,
So, I figure I need to start getting my food diary down on 'paper' and since I'm not very good at writing it down, I am gonna come here and confess to you guys what I've eaten each and every day....

Then I want you to beat me with a big sharp stick if I've been really silly (I'm good at that!)

I have 6 weeks til a photoshoot that I NEED to look good for....

Today's diary hasn't been great, but I think today has made me realise that I need to get to grips with this properly and start eating properly too.

So here it is....

Monday 21st Sept
Smoothie made with 10 strawberries, 1 banana, 1 mullerlight vanilla yogurt

1 batchelors pasta n sauce, chicken n pasta flavour

1 morrisons frozen steam white rice
1 youngs cod in butter sauce

1 packet Oreo Cakesters 11.5 syns
2 Alpen light bars (HexB)

Got to the pool, and they'd closed it early, so none! Grrrr!! :mad:
EDIT: Decided to go to the late session - just back, 34 lengths of the pool

Let the telling off commence!! ;)

Amanda x
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all looks good but did you remember to syn the fruit you put in your smoothie - unless fruit is raw and un processed its synned - eg no mashing or blending
an average puréed banana is 4 syns 28g of pureed stawberries is 1/2 a syn so they soon start adding up

for breakfast I have my fruit covered in fat free yog and that is free
Hi Aaleigha,
You know what, I've just noticed that fact on another thread...
No wonder I'm getting down on myself for not losing as I should...
Tut! lol

Thank you so much for pointing it out for me tho, I really appreciate people taking out time to let me know if I'm doing something wrong cos I'm quite new to all this really....

I'll copy your idea of just putting the yogurt over my fruit in future

Thanks hun xx
You are very welcome
if you follow the rules it does work really well
I lost 70lb in 51 weeks a few years ago
just lost the plot and put some back on again (quite a bit)
so I have come back to the fold - started today
Wow, that's a great achievement.... Lets hope it works for me now I'm cutting the smoothies out eh ;)

I just made myself go swimming to the late session to make up for today's smoothie breakfast!
But, when I got home, I've broken my wing mirror on the fence as I reversed onto the drive :( gutted..... I can reverse down here in my sleep, I honestly don't know what I did....
First reaction? Storm in the kitchen, and go to the cupboard... But I didn't. Got to be a good thing....

Oh well, will take more care in future....
Ok, playing catch up already, and only 2 days in. Not good. :sigh: Must make more effort in future.

So, yesterday looked something like this:

Tuesday 22nd Sept
3 egg omelette with mushrooms, and a babybel light melted on top

McDonalds Cheeseburger Kids Meal :eek: with diet coke (makes it all better then, lol)
My friend bought it for me, and I would have felt bad saying no - that my trouble! lol Anyone any idea of the syns?

Chicken n herb supernoodles

2 Alpen light bars (HexB)

40 lengths of the pool

Note to self: tell more friends I'm on a diet so they don't bring me 'treats'
So onto today's ExtraEasy menu

Wednesday 23rd Sept
2 weetabix (6.5 syns) skimmed milk (1/2 HexA) and splenda

Beans on toast (8 syns)

SW Chips
Homemade burger
Tesco Healthy Living Wholemeal Roll (HexB)
1 light babybel (1/3 HexA)
Baked beans

Pear, Pomegranate

Not sure whether to swim tonight or not, I don't really want to overdo it - I was in the gym for physio this morning, so might put that as today's exercise

Afternoon Dudes and Dudettes,
So, feeling rather virtuous today, have planned my meals, and got all my syns to 'spend' with a cuppa this eve :eek:)

Here's today's menu

Thursday 24th Sept
Vanilla mullerlight yog poured over chopped banana

Chicken Mugshot

Fruit salad (strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and apple)

SW Chips
Tesco Healthy Living Wholemeal Roll (HexB)


2 Alpen Bars (HexB)

Will have my HexA allowance in milk later in my tea/coffee.

Now, what shall I spend my syns on? :flirt2:

Amanda x

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