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Andy's Lipotrim Diary

On 1st day of month 2, got over the hunger pangs, the first 2 weeks were the hardest. I Have now hit my stride but I must admit I am a bit bored of the lack of flavours I'm getting, but not enough of a hardship to stop me from getting to my 12 stone goal. I hope to be there by January 2011.

In the next few months I have 1 week away on holiday in mid November and of course Christmas to get through. At this point in time I am determined to keep going regardless. I don't see the point of stopping now. I keep thinking of being at target early next year (which is not that far away) and getting a whole new wardrobe of clothes off the peg again :D

I will continue to post my progress as I go!
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Good luck, i'm sure you'll do great, u sound really committed. xx
Good luck Andy.. With that level of determination i am sure you will succeed x
still going strong...

Firstly a BIG thank you everyone for your support, it means everything to me that you have made me feel so welcome too!!!

A very long day in work today so not too bothered about food at all. However when I got home I decided to do a keytone test with the sicks you pee on, and the levels had dropped, I'm always grumpy when this happens (this is the second time and I have no idea why) Today I have had 2 shakes and lots of water and peppermint teas. I don't understand why the body goes through these cycles, but I guess I will just have to trust that I am following the Lipotrim rules to the letter..

I have also bought a wifi weighing scales from Withings, ordered on line for £120. I know this sounds a lot but I think it's money well spent to keep my weight fully in check from now on and especially after the re-feed. It tracks your weight, fat and lean body mass and sends all measurements to your PC/MAC and or iphone, presenting the trend in an easy to understand graph. I think it's an excellent motivator to see your daily progress. Most days it drops between 0.5 to 1 pound. Today its gone up by 2 pounds for some strange reason!!!

Never mind tomorrow is another day, Off to bed soon, a hard session in the gym tomorrow.
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Yay! Weighed myself today and now into the upper end of the 18stone bracket!!
Well done Andy x
Good luck Buddy, Im on my 2nd Month too and Im flying, I know what u mean about the flavours. Ive just asked the chemist for vanilla only and i mix them with coffee...If Im going to be bored I may aswell be mega bored. How much did u lose in ur first month ?
Hi there I lost just under 2 stone in the 1st month, since then it has felt like my body has tried to slow down the amount I am losing. I have started doing sit ups before bed and am going to the gym a bit more to combat this. Its strange as one day I weigh myself and there seems to be no change but on another day its dropped 2-4 pounds!
I am also drinking lots of green & peppermint tea, better than water at least there is some flavour and is said to speed up your metabolism. On the odd occasion I also add chilli powder to the chicken soup to give it a kick.

One person has suggested eating a piece of tuna just once a week to fool the body out of starvation mode, does anyone think this would work to speed up the metabolism further??

So far I have lost 34 pounds, my 3 stone target in sight which is also not that far off my half way target!!! Yay!! Brilliant progress in 2 months...
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So pleased, today I have tried on clothes that never even really fit me 3 years ago. Today the are all fine, I'm not going to get that much wear out of them as I'm still planning to lose another 4 stone yet but a great indication for me of how far I have come so far. I'm now ordering clothes with a 32W which it my target from Dec 10/Jan 11 and I went through my wardrobe and have bagged up my old sizes for the charity shop. 15 pairs of jeans and lots of shirts/tee shirts and tops all like tents on me now. I'm almost at the half way mark, I now just wish I had stated earlier as it's not been half as hard as I thought it would be and Lipotrim is a diet I wish I knew about years ago! I'm still delighted with such fast progress to drop from a 44W to a very soon to be 38W in around 8 weeks is nothing short of a miracle to me. So nice to have lost the worst of my big belly, can't wait until my stomach is flat again, I'm moving around so much better and I have more energy too. I implore anyone thinking about doing it to give Lipotrim a go, I have tried to diet in the conventional way so many times and have failed as results just take so long, this time I could see the changes to my body almost daily.

I have decided for sure now that if I am not at my goal weight by Christmas I am not going to stop this diet, I would much rather get to my target weight and will reap the benefits of it come 2011, thinking of getting out on the beach on holiday in good shape and how much more confident I will feel meeting new people etc. Feeling very up beat at the moment as you can tell....
Good for you, I'm really pleased for you, keep it up! X;)
Thanks ladies, I like you friendly pic too Daisy :)
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great diary Andy... youre doing great mate! The scales sound way funky! LOL
Keep up the good work :)
Glad to say that my weight is still dropping, today I had to buy new jeans as I'm now into a 38W which is great!!! I have not been in a 38 for around 5 years, they are a tiny bit tight but I know in the next 2 weeks they will be fine. Just threw away my 40" ones, the last pair of jeans that I had. They are too big now and required a belt to keep them up. It's really nice seeing the progress in sizes from a tight 44 down to 42, 40 and now just about into the 38 range. I have also measured my neck today this has gone from a 19.5 down to 15!!! I love the fact that I am having to quickly replace my wardrobe of clothes it's such a nice positive feeling :)

My next big target is 22nd November my birthday and also a week on holiday in the sun. It will be fantastic if I can get back to a 36"W for the trip, I'm planning to stay on the diet for the entire trip but on my Birthday I might have a low carb dinner to celebrate my older age and my weight loss success too. Following the trip I am going to again be working hard at the next goal of New Year's Eve, I'm planning to walk into a party that night (Hopefully by then in 32-34"W) Lots of friends who I have not seen since June [Before the diet] will be there and I have made a point of not telling them about the diet, I can't wait to see their faces when the new slim Andy walks through the door! I know it sounds a bit vain but I figure after 6 months of living on Lipotrim I can allow myself that! :)

I'm now doing the gym every other day, I'm doing all cardiovascular stuff and I'm pushing harder each time I go, E.G Iv'e gone from 5mins to 30mins on the cross trainer and I'm actually enjoying it now! After working up a sweat I have a nice relaxing swim in the pool. It will be so nice going on holiday and not having a massive belly by the pool or on the beach this time I will feel much more like I fit in which will make me feel more confident and happier too.

I'm loving the fact that I've found Lipotrim, like I have said before I wish I had found the diet and the will power to do this years ago. I think this forum is great too, any time I have felt like cheating of felt a bit low I've looked on here and it's given me the inspiration to keep going.
Today I'm 18 stone 6pounds...

Only 3 pound to go and I've dropped 3 stone exactly since 11th August when I weighed a very fat 21.3 stone.

I'm hoping that next week I will get into the 17 stone range, I so can't wait!! :-0))
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Brilliant work Andy, you must be chuffed mate :D
Thanks Big Biker, I hope yours goes well too! Just remember if you can make it into weeks 2 and 3 and not cheat it gets so much easier to stick to. Just be really strong till then!

Best of luck....

Today I'm 18 stone 6pounds...

Only 3 pound to go and I've dropped 3 stone exactly since 11th August when I weighed a very fat 21.3 stone.

I'm hoping that next week I will get into the 17 stone range, I so can't wait!! :-0))
That's brilliant Andy, you guys are amazing!

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