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Anita's Slimfast Diary

Well, this is my third week on Slimfast - I have come across from Slimming World because our finances are struggling to support all of the weekly food bills!!

First week I lost 2lb (I was a little disappointed with that, I must admit!); second week I only lost 1lb (REALLY disappointed with that!!). Not sure what might be going wrong, I've been exercising too (which is a little difficult as I have M.E. too which restricts me) so I thought I was sure to get a big loss this week.

SO!! I have taken in hand anything that might be going wrong and this week:

1) I am ensuring I have 2ltrs of fluid every day, in addition to the milkshakes.
2) I have bought in healthy ready meals which have the calories written down for me (I wonder if the home-made meals have been more calories than I have calculated them to be!) - so there is no mistake!
3) I am spreading my snacks throughout the day, instead of having all of them in an evening.
4) I am having between 1200-1300 calories every day instead of undershooting some days.

I am hoping that this will make sure that my weight loss is better (at least 2lb) this week. Because, I was losing more on Slimming World, but I really want this plan to work for me. SF fits in much better with my pocket and my lifestyle!


Strawberry Measure-up 211 calories
Rocky Bar 85 calories
Vanilla Measure-up 213 calories
Cheese and Onion Crisps 131 calories
Lasagne and salad 376 calories
Mullerice 106 calories
Rocky Bar 85 calories
TOTAL = 1207 calories

So - we'll see how I get on!

Anita xx

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Anita good luck your plan sounds fine to me u just had a funny wk I did too by gaining a pound!
I am changing my plan too so good for u for carrying on!
I've had a funny day really (yesterday) - felt bloated for the last couple of days and fat :cry:. However, onwards and upwards!!

Really hoping that this food diary will help me to see if and when I go wrong :jelous:


Strawberry Measure-up - 211 calories
Rocky Bar - 85 calories
Vanilla Measure-up - 213 calories
Pink Lady apple - 80 calories
Chicken Korma and salad - 430 calories
Mullerice Apple - 108 calories
Cadburys Light mousse - 60 calories
Pink and White wafer - 50 calories

TOTAL 1237 calories


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Your food diary looks good to me, hopefully this week will be better for you. Sometimes it just takes your body some time to adjust to the changes you've made. So stick with it, and see what happens in a week or two :)
Well, I managed to do half an hour's exercise on the lateral thigh trainer today, followed by about 15 mins of bums and tums exercises> Feel better for having done it but shattered!!


Strawberry Measure-up - 211 calories
Rocky Bar - 85 calories
Snack-a-jacks - 91 calories
Vanilla Measure-up - 213 calories
2 satsumas - 60 calories
Shepherds Pie and salad - 354 calories
Mullerice Raspberry - 108 calories
French Fries - 83 calories
Cadburys Light Mousse - 60 calories

TOTAL - 1265 calories

Hoping for no mistakes this week and make sure that my weight loss reflects the calories taken on board (or not taken on board, more to the point!!)

Anita xxx
Feeling ok today - still feeling bloated and almost like I've put weight on around my tummy..... Cant have done, but that's how it feels...


Banana Slimfast - 230 calories
2 Satsumas - 60 calories
Strawberry measure up - 211 calories
Rocky bar & Snackajacks - 174 calories
Chicken hotpot and salad - 300 calories
Mullerice - 109 calories
Snackajacks - 89 calories
Cadbury light mousse - 60 calories

TOTAL - 1233 calories

:D:D:D:D - roll on weigh-in :D:D:D:D


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You're probably just retaining water, don't worry, it'll shift soon! :)
Have u been drinking enuf or too much maybe? X some days I feel bloated it will soon calm down I think yr body needs to get used to drinking plenty wen it not used to it love
Thanks for your positive comments guys - I am sure that the weigh in monday will reflect all my hard work :)

I have found a brilliant site which calculates your BMR and the amounts of calories you need to consume to lose weight.

For instance, my BMR is 1450.75 and I do light exercise 3 time per week so the calories needed to keep me at this weight per day are 1994.78 so to lose weight i need to consume much less than that (it gives you information on ho little to consume safely...). It's very good anyway - give it a go:

BMR Calculator


Chocolate SF - 230 calories
Viscount biscuit - 73 calories
Vanilla Measure-up - 213 calories
Pink Lady Apple - 80 calories
Chicken Tikka Masala - 424 calories
Mullerice - 108 calories
French Fries - 83 calories
Viscount biscuit - 73 calories

TOTAL - 1274 calories

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi hun!

Your diary sounds great! I've also recently purchased ready meals.. to make absolutely no mistakes! aah!
How many calories are you estimating your salad is?
I have the WW ready meals (from today!)

Love Rocky bars too, but don't trust myself to buy them incase I eat them all!!

I also came over from SW as my losses had slowed down..but on SF I only lost 1lb the first week and then 1.5 the second! x


Loves to lose
Hi hun the ready meals should help a lot, don't worry if your weight loss is a bit slow it might just be your body adjusting from the *freedom* of SW to the stricter more controlled SF and it possibly might be holding on a bit but hopefully that shouldn't last too long! Also are you using myfitnesspal? It's brilliant, it helps you calculate your cals and that also has a BMR calculator and more tools a lot of us are using it now and it's really useful xxx

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