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Annaphylactic's Exante Diary - Week 6 WI


Guess who's back...?
Well, I am currently drinking my first shake of my new Exante adventure... and it is revolting :(

It's a Strawberry shake - I was quite excited because it was my fave LL flavour - but it's really salty! :( Not sure I am going to be able to get this down!!

Help! Are they are all like this?

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Rebel without a calorie
Most seem to say that strawberry is their least favourite. I like them all but mix them thick like a mousse and eat with a spoon. Hot banana shmousse is lovely, like banana custard! I just bung em in the micro for about 40 secs. And the choc done like that is lovely.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I think a few people commented on the different flavours, as LL tend to have more sweeteners in them... hang on in there .. I think our tastebuds and palates start to develop to enjoy the flavours after a while.
Also making strawberry into a shmoooooose or a smoothie lolly can help a little.
Adding ice chips and maybe a sweetener maes some people go mmm too. Like a think shake.
Haven't tried strawberry yet, but had chocolate this morning. Bit like muddy puddle flavour, but not disgusting!
I'm a bit apprehensive about the different flavours too having got used to the cambridge ones and working out what I liked (turned out nothing got close to choc although vanilla was drinkable the rest where a bit blurgh!)

Maybe try watering it down more than normal? Thin the taste out a bit and add some sucralose sweetner?


Guess who's back...?
Hi again everyone... well, I've finished on a high. Didn't think much to the toffee, nut and raisin bar so was dreading the soup... but it's lovely!! Having a mushroom and it's delish. Very strange because on LL I couldn't stomach anything but bars and shakes, yet so far it's only the soup I like!

I'm sure my taste buds will change and I'll look back on this post with horror, but so far so good. Hardest day done... just got to keep going and avoid the lure of the shops!

Hope everyone has had a good day. Xx


Guess who's back...?
Right then, I have made it through day one. Got a slight headache, but nothing unbearable... not done too well on the water front - I am notorious for not drinking enough... I've probably managed a litre at most, plus my shakes. MUST do better. Don't want to get into any sticky situations 'toilet' wise!

Had a bit of a close call this evening when I popped to the pub to meet my mum after work, only to get there and find her chomping on ham, egg and chips. OH GOD, it was tough. Took all my willpower not to nick a chip. I talked about caving and starting again tomorrow and mum said I should - basically by calorie counting against my shakes and have a meal as I'd been so good all day. Could have shot her! It made me really defensive, so I launched into a monologue about getting into ketosis, and me having a meal would just make each day harder in the long run. It's difficult because she lost about three stone on LL and has put it all back on, so I wonder if part of her is a little - not jealous perhaps - but subconsciously doesn't want me to succeed so she doesn't feel as bad about losing her way. I dunno. Feel awful saying it. Anyway... I made it.

Today I had - just so I can look back and see how my taste buds change:

12pm - Strawberry Shake - 4/10... drinkable but only just, made me gag!

7pm - Mushroom Soup - 8/10 - Yum! Really nice with a bit of black pepper :)

11pm - Toffee, Nut and Raisin Bar - 5/10... not a fan, but got it down - eventually!

Three new flavours tomorrow - trying to work out what I like and what I don't. Might have a coffee vanilla latte for breakfast!

Night all... HONK!

Anna x
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Well done Anna on getting through the day :D

I am off out for the day to Wisley Gardens but have had a strawberry shake (love them all) and am taking a bar for lunch. Luckily my pal is also trying to lose weight so she's bringing a slim fast bar with her :D

Good luck for today.
Susan x


Guess who's back...?
Thanks Susie! Enjoy your day out :)

Went to bed last night with a bad headache and woken up this morning and it's still here, grr grrr. Must up the water today!

Working from home today so will be tough, might end up going into work just to flee temptation!

Not had first shake of the day yet, and already my stomach is going loopy, rumbling etc. Got that empty refluxy feeling in the back of my throat but really want to get to lunchtime without a shake. Mint tea here I come :)

Have good mornings all x x
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Woop day one down well done and also well done on skipping the chips! You know it would have just made you feel worse afterwards :)

Suprised that if your mum did LL she would try and talk you into eating the chips knowing what it meant :(

Hope you stay strong today, good luck! (we both need it ;) )
Oh i sympathise. I think this diet brings out a weird confidence in us. Ive also been asked out a few times since starting....(hence some of the cheats ive had and had to restart bah)...think i may focus on being single until im done cos we all knowwhat happens, you meet someone, u get comfy and u dont care as much about yourweight! lol x
Well done on getting through day 1.
I find the bars get better with time. I love the choc orange one now!
The shakes are my least fave. I like a mint hot choc in the evening but am not keen on cold ones. I always add a couple of sweetners to them.
I might try the hot banana custard today!

Have a good day and step away from the chips- booo to potato! They pretend they are a vegetable when in fact they are devil food!
Oh and no extra male attention to report from me!! Ok, I may be married but I wouldn't mind a few men falling at ny feet, even if I had to turn them away :)
I've not had any extra male attention either damn it ;)

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