Annoyed from Great Yarmouth


The Diet Guy
Hiya all!

Well went out last night with my department at work for a meal and a boogie.

In the night club I was grooving and moving when one of the guys I work with who is 20 odd stone comes on the dance floor. He is a lovely guy and wouldn't hurt a fly.

Anyway 3 bouncers came over and asked him to get off the dance floor as they didn't like groups of big guys!!!

Have you ever!!!

There were 6 of us and 2 of them were girls.

So anyway we danced on for a bit and he walked off looking absolutely gutted.

At which point I got him back on the dance floor and said ignore it.

Next thing I knew I had the worlds biggest bouncer on us asking us to leave the dance floor immediately.

Anyway we got thrown out!!

Phoning the management of the place today as I have never been so annoyed!!

OMG Mike - I'm speechless!!
Talk about blatant discrimination!! Can you imagine if they'd tried that on ANY other section of society?

Damn right you should complain! :mad:

Let us know what they say.
Oh Mike,
that truly is appalling :(
What were they thinking of? That poor guy :(

Will be interested to hear what the mgmt of the club say.

K x
WTF - What the hecks that all about Mike.

Complain mate, not that I suspect it will do any good - but they need to know that was unacceptable behaviour - gits

Now I can understand you being asked to leave the floor mate - I've heard about your dancing :D
LMAO!!!! :D :D :D
its a sad reflection n society when a group of people out for the night cant all dance together, i would be calling the local newspapers as well,
Disgusting - can't guys dance anymore?
As for your friend - hope he is feeling Ok as the discrimination that he has faced would certainly have lowered his self esteem {{{Hugs for him}}}
Oh yes I will call the Lowestoft Journal on Monday and do a piece on there!! Good thinking!!!

Brad if you saw my "moves" you would be impressed.

just goes to show -

Bouncers : all brawn and NO BRAINS !

that's pathetic :mad: - let us know what they say.
Was it rosies by any chance wouldn't be surprised i was pulled out of the club by my hair because the barmaid said i looked like someone who had threatened her a month before and i complained to the management the next day and was told to f**k off funnily enough never been back !!!!!
Hope your complaint gets taken seriously and something good comes out of it.
Oh Mike, Your poor mate, I bet his self esteem is at rock bottom today, look after him, and launch the biggest complaint ever, keep us updated x
Wot do they expect to happen on a dance floor exactly? A chat?
I hate bouncers, they always seem to be power crazy thugs with no IQ!
Be interesting to hear how you get on.
I went out last night 4 first time in months. I was trying to find excuses not to go but made myself. If that had happened to me that would put me off going out for a long time!
Tossers..... I hate people who think coz you larger than everyone else your going to be trouble.

I went to a club once with my mates and was asked to get off the dance floor because we were taking up too much room....I was gutted and left straight away and cried all that night.
That is awful :mad:

Brad if you saw my "moves" you would be impressed.
I can vouch for that. Got the last photo of Mike himself;)
Are you sure they did not mean big groups of guys? My old local nightclub only used to let groups of 3 blokes in at a time - if a big group went out they used to just split up before they hit the door.... if they did mean groups of big guys that is so out of order I would go to the you have been in the local & national papers I am sure they would take your story up & the club would have to eat so much humble pie they would be bigger than the lot of you!!!

That takes the biscuit mate, happened to me in a yarmouth club too, but the bouncers couldn't bounce me out of the club.
Sounds like a job for the A Team.