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annoyed is not the word... infuriated maybe...


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awww hun its awful when this happens really wish i knew the answer as it drives me mad too hopefully things will be all great in morning
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Maybe you were more hydrated today or ate at different times? Or your scales are a bit dodgy.

My official weigh in is after work on monday and i try to have my lunchtime bar a little bit earlier and not drink as much water in the afternoon to help! (i normally drink shed loads of water so still drinking enough)

Now i've moved to SS+ i normally have a shake late afternoon but i don't have it on a monday until after weigh-in. Luckily the time of my weigh-in isn't too late and means i leave work early that day so i don't implode from hunger...


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Have you weighed yourself at a different time? My true weight is the one first thing in the morning about 5 mins after I hav peed. That's the one I always go by cause your weight fluctuates so much during the day depending on heat, and food/fluid intake!
Again, and this question bedevils everyone at some point - it is down to fluid. Over a week this usually balances out. Weighing every day or even midweek can be misleading. When I was on CD I was told NOT to weigh at home but rather to weigh only on the CDC's scales.

They know their stuff!


Fab & Fit For Florida
well i lost 2lbs again this week... shouldn't grumble
I know it's frustrating when others seem to always get bigger numbers, well it is for me, but you are quite right 2 lb is really good. I doubt I'm gonna mangae that this week. A couple of days till weigh in and only 1/2 lb down (yes I know daily weigh-in is a big no-no, but it worked for me last time, and it's working for me this time so far). I just keep telling myself not to compare with others but to compare me with a) how I was and b) how I want to be. I am a stone lighter than I was this time last year (yay!!!!) and I want to be 3 stone lighter than I am now. Every 1/4 lb helps and it's better off than on. look at what you've achieved so far - you've done great!


Fab & Fit For Florida
i know chick and i dunno if the fact i have felt horrendously bloated the past couple of days may have made an impact :(


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It is annoying when the scales don't show a loss especially when you absolutely deserve one! I am a several times a day weigher so can't talk. ;) But all I can do is agree with others who say it all averages out. And no need to panic if one day the scales show a small gain. Because over the next few days the loss will come.

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