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annoyed with myself

dont feel guilty, thats why syns are there, so you dont feel guilty x
If you never ever use your syns perhaps you're not used to feeling like you can have them and still get a good result come weigh in day? I sometimes get really worried about it myself and I usually rack up 12 - 15 syns a day, I mean how can you eat things that are banned on all other diets and still lose weight?


A moaning old boot!!!!
Did you enjoy it??? The stand in consultant we had last week said......."if you enjoyed it then it was worth it!!!"
Loved that saying....obviously all in moderation of course! :)


Slow but sure....
Your syns are for when you fancy a treat so that you can eat it without feeling guilty - so as long as you enjoyed your kebab, don't worry about it. X
Im really annoyed with myself too. After a really good week last week I have eaten anything I can lay my hands on this week and have just eaten two huge bowls of flake ice cream. WI tommorow, :break_diet:


Starting Again!
We are all human, we will all fall off the plan from time to time, but that is life! Don't feel guilty about it, if you enjoyed it - fabulous that's what syns are for, if not - the hold on to that emotion for the next time you are tempted.

Try and use all your syns everyday - it will help you in the long run :)

Natt xxx
thanks every1 and i dont like to use my syns because i am really greedy so if i used my syns on lets say a twirl i cud nt just have one i wud have to have another and another, i suppose thats y im on here losing weight cos i am mega greedy and the way i look at it is you dont miss wat u havent had xx


Starting Again!
The point of syns is to have a little of what you fancy. Rule number one of Slimming World is everything in moderation - because chances are, and if you're anything like me, that's why you gained weight in the first place!

Syns are there so you don't say "oh I can't have anything 'blank' and then say oh stuff it and have the whole tub/packet of 'blank'"

If it's working for you then who I am to intrude, but please have a think about having your syns everyday, even using them on things you can introduce to your meals, butter, oil, salad dressing etc., it really will help in the long term :)

Best Wishes,

Natt xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Syns as Natt says are to make the plan stickable to! If you never have any then you won't lose weight as fast. It's just getting your head round the concept that you can have things that you think of as "bad" and that as long as you syn them then there's no need for guilt. It'll come, give it time!


Starting Again!
Thats a good way to start snack a jacks popcorn salted/salt n vinegar is 2.0syns and the packs of little rice cakes in a bag...type things...are around 6syns (depending on the flavour).

Just make sure you count properly ;)

Natt xxx

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